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How To Make Every Aspect of Your Life Sustainable

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.


Ocean Life Straws 

Ocean Life Straws is an online website dedicated to giving away reusable straws free of charge. All you have to pay for is shipping and handling. Why is this happening? According to Ocean Life Straws, plastic – about the size of what is needed to fill a garbage truck, is put into the ocean every minute. With those rates, it’s likely that by weight, there will be more plastic floating in the ocean than marine life in 2050. To try to act early on the plastic pollution issue before it goes farther, Ocean Life Straws gives a pack of 4 stainless steel straws and a cleaning brush to clean the straws off to anyone who orders them from their website. To collect your reusable straws now, you can visit the ocean life straws website for more details on how to.



Eat Local

When I took the time to go to my local downtown area, I realized there was so much food I had been missing out on! Eating local whether it be in your downtown area or a farmers market can give you opportunities to try new foods, support local workers and be sustainable all at the same time. 





P.ET. Authentic

Vans has a new line of shoes known as: P.ET. Authentic. The P.E.T. authentic collection features versions of the original classic canvas shoes popular to Vans – but with a twist. This new collection of shoes are essentially the famous original low top style of vans but made with 100% recycled lining, outsoles, and eyelets. Even the body of the shoe is made out of recycled material from P.E.T. waste. And the interior is also made of – you guessed it – recycled material! With four different colors to choose from – powder, white, yellow and blue – you can enjoy the original style of vans you know and like while also helping the environment through the P.E.T. Authentic collection. 


Buy + Resell Used Items

One of the biggest ways to be sustainable that many people know about is thrift shopping. While places such as “Goodwill” and “Platos Closet” have been mainspots for many to buy used clothes, shoes, and accessories that they like, the age of social media has brought about a variety of other options you may have never heard about. With apps such as; “Depop”, “Vinted”, “Poshmark” and “Thredup” you can find lots of clothes for every aesthetic change and event. If you enjoy more name brand and luxury items, you can also buy those used on apps such as “TheRealReal”. Buying clothes used is a way to help the environment while also staying stylish. Plus, you can participate in helping someone else buy used through selling some of your own clothes on these apps!




If you’re travelling close to home, reconsider hopping in your car for your next trip. On a college campus, especially, it is not unusual for me to see people on lime scooters, riding a bike or walking to where they need to go rather than driving. Using a car less can help lessen your contribution of fossil fuels, thus helping you to be more sustainable. However, if you have to use a car, consider car-pooling! Not only can you and your passenger liven up your day with some carpool karaoke, you can also help the environment! And if you don’t have a car, your college may have some resources on campus that implement car-pooling as well.



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Georgia Southern University writer.
Jordan Wheeler

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