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How I Became Addicted to My Motivational Scripture

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

I don’t know about you, but college isn’t as easy as some say it is. From the parties that I never attended, to the weekly tests serving as reminders as to why I want to drop out of college… I am constantly being faced with new situations serving as barriers in my life.


I’ve always heard the stories of how college was a place to redefine yourself; however, that could never happen to me. I’ve always made straight A’s, attended church weekly, and found ways to get involved in the community through volunteering. I didn’t think that I would ever find myself not being motivated.


I was WRONG. College is hard and I somewhat struggled with this concept. I loved high school but I somehow resented college.


It wasn’t until recently when I discovered why I hated college. Due to the stress of maintaining my 4.0 GPA and remaining active on campus and in the community, I forgot what mattered the most: my relationship with Christ.


During times when I feel as if my world is slowly falling apart and I’m unmotivated, I turn to my favorite Scripture in the Bible: Psalms 27.


I never would have thought that I would become addicted to this Scripture. Each verse tells me not to give up and to keep fighting for my goals. 


If you ever feel like giving up or simply don’t have enough motivation to attend classes, you should definitely take the time to read and meditate on Psalms 27.


Here are a few of my go to Scriptures during times when I’m not motivated:

Psalms 27:14


Psalms 27:1

“… whom shall I FEAR?…”

Psalms 27: 7-8

“…Lord, I WILL seek…”

Psalms 27:11

“… TEACH me… LEAD me, [Lord]…”

Psalms 27:13

“… I remain CONFIDENT…”


As a Christian, college has REALLY tested my faith and my walk with Christ, but I’m grateful for that. College has made my relationship with Christ stronger and more effective. Despite the constant reminders of why I should give up, Christ tells me to keep fighting and never give up on my goals.


If I lose my 4.0 GPA, it’s totally fine because I’ll still have a 3.9 and eligibility for multiple scholarships. If I don’t receive the job I applied for, it’s alright because God has a better one in store. When I lose a couple of friends as the semester carries on, it’s alright because God knows their true intentions.


I rely on Psalms 27 to help me get through life as a college student and you definitely should too. Whether it’s Psalms 27 or Philippians 4, finding the perfect Bible verse to help you grow in Christ is essential and a necessity.


I challenge you to find your motivational Scripture and become addicted to it. If you ever begin to wonder how I am able to stay positive during hard times, now you know how.


Kimmy Smith

Georgia Southern '23

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Georgia Southern '22

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