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We all know that college has its challenges and can often try our patience. College is known for stressing everybody during their four years in an institution. Of course, in college you may find it hard to find time to destress and relax. However, if you spare a simple thirty minutes to an hour a day will allow time for some great strategies that promote relaxation.

  1. Nap – as we all know napping is essential and college and sometimes a thirty-minute nap may not seem like enough but it can help you relax. Napping promotes relaxation without putting you in a deep sleep. Naps also help reenergize you to continue you daily activities. If you haven’t already you need to master the skill of power napping.
  2. Read – a good book always promotes relaxation. Books have a way of helping you escape from your real-world issues and enter the world of literature. I suggest reading a book that is captivating and an easy read so that it is more of a hobby and not a task.
  3. Talk – even if it is just thirty minutes a day just call your mom, your dad, grandma, or even your best friend. Call anyone who can promote great conversation that is not related to any of your academic duties.
  4. Hobbies – hobbies are a great way to relax and explore new things. Whether it is knitting, painting, learning to play a new instrument, learning to play a new sport, or scrapbooking. Whatever it may be make time to do it once a day or even once a week. Just make sure you stick to it and continue to get better and prosper through it.
  5. Workout – for some working out can be relaxing. If you are one who enjoys working out, make time in your day to do just that. Find new exercises to practice and try a new one every week. This not only helps you relax but, promotes a healthier life style. It can be an hour at the gym, thirty-minutes a day twice a day, or even a walk around campus. 


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