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That time of year has come again where seniors are graduating from college. This graduation will be a graduation that some students will never forget. Some seniors will graduate as valedictorian, salutatorian, magna cum laude, summa cum laude, cum laude, a member of different organizations, or just a regular student. Some of those requirements require you to wear different cords and stoles. Although graduation is a memorable time, sometimes the cap and gown does not allow you to show your personality.


Just when we thought all hope was lost, a new trend that was started about two years ago is becoming larger than ever. The new trend involves decorating your graduation cap. There are no rules against it, so people get pretty creative showing off their personalities in their own ways. Here are some graduation caps that will give you some ideas!


If you have always had a love for Disney movies, here is a Disney inspired graduation cap that you could try.

Or maybe you are graduating with a teaching degree, this cap would be great for you.

If you are in love with monogramming or even want to quote your favorite bible verse, check this cap out!

Or maybe you are just one of those girls who just loves being pretty, check out this bedazzled graduation cap! Way to graduate in style.

No matter what style you choose, remember to be different, stand out, and make your cap match who you are as a person! But most importantly, graduation is a day you want to remember, so go all out because you finally made it to the end of your college journey.


Happy Graduation to all the May graduates!



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Chelsea Davis

Georgia Southern

I am a junior majoring in Multimedia Journalism. My future goals are to attend The School of Law at Georgia State University, obtain a business administration law degree from there, and pursue my dreams of broadcasting/news reporting in the city of Atlanta. I enjoy watching movies, shopping, and trying new foods. I guess you could call me a typical girl. My hobbies consist of playing the piano for 15 years, playing the violin for eight years, modeling, and pageants. What can I say, I love being in the spotlight, but with my laid back personality you would never think that. I also have a passion for fashion and interior decorating. I absolutely love animals.
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