Frank Ocean Has Entered the Chat

Frank Ocean just dropped! This is not a drill. Hide ya kids, hide ya wife, because it is about to get crazy.

The legend has returned after being gone for about 3000+ years in the music realm. He has returned to bless our ears. The new single DHL was released on October 19, 2019. The single gives many Frank Ocean fans hope that a new album is coming soon. 

“And it still sound like it's comin' soon, comin' soon. New files sittin' on my drive, nothin' new, yeah. New vibes and I can't get down, what to do, yeah”

- Frank Ocean, DHL

Along with the single, he also dropped two remixes on his website (with links to videos unlisted on YouTube), an updated Blonded playlist, and some new merch on his site as well. I’m just going to go ahead and link the site because my excitement cannot be contained right now. 

Now it is time for me to reveal a secret. I use Reddit for two things, Travis Scott and Frank Ocean. So, when I noticed the Frank Ocean Reddit popping off all week, we knew something was coming. Frank was out here DJing at clubs and at first, I thought people were trolling, but he was really out here DJing for the people. 

Another thing I found out through Reddit is that Frank changed his Last.FM and Instagram profile pictures … Which we all know when an artist changes their profile picture, it is over for us and some new stuff is about to drop. 

Some theories have already formed for Frank and his next album. The cover art for the DHL single shows 13 images at the bottom some believe that this represents that there will be 13 songs on the next album. Now I could see this but all three of his albums Blonde, Endless (the endless stream he recorded available on Apple Music exclusively), and channel ORANGE all have 17 songs. Some fans have concluded the 13-song tracklist because the fourth image on the cover art is inverted in comparison to the other 12 images. 

Another theory that I hope is true is that the images symbolize that in 13 days he is going to drop the full album. He dropped the single October 19 and 13 days from then is November 1. Now I know, I know that might just be a kawinkadink (coincidence), but November 1, 2019, is on a Friday this year. The day of the week new albums are usually dropped. Now I hope this theory is the truth because I just love Frank. 

Ocean has influenced the music scene and has changed the culture of the stereotypical contemporary R&B/hip-hop male artist. Ocean has openly spoken about his attraction towards other men and is openly bisexual. In much of American and Black culture bisexuality in men is very frowned upon. As Ocean has been very open and has gained support from other artists such as Beyoncé and Tyler the Creator. He has since then opened the topic for discussion for many individuals questioning themselves. 

To conclude my rambling about this exciting news. I just really hope he does drop an album for the fans. I cannot wait to hear the new sound of this stage in his career and finally give us something different from Blonde. That does not mean I did not like the Blonde album (I have a huge poster in my room) I just love to hear the evolution in artists that I already love.