Electoral College Vote Determines EVERYTHING

During every presidential race, the one thing that will ultimately determine who will take the role as president is the Electoral College Vote.

The Electoral College vote is a system where votes are cast by each state, using a number of electors. Each elector is a representative of the state and members of the Electoral College. There are 538 Electoral College votes and in order to become President, a candidate must have a majority of those votes, or at least 270 votes. As each state closes their polls and tallies up the results, the electoral votes will be relieved and will determine which candidate won which state.

If there is ever a time where the electoral college vote is at a tie (which has not happened since 1824),the House of Representatives will decide the vote, but if the House of Representatives is also at a tie, the ultimate decision will go to the Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan).

Some of the state with a large number of Electoral College votes include Texas, New York and California with the largest number with 55 votes. The smallest electoral vote are in states including Montana, Vermont and Wyoming with 3 votes. In regardless, they do add up. Ultimately, if a candidate does not get a state with a large amount of Electoral College votes, it will be extremely difficult for them to win.

Candidates as of now are putting their focus on swing states as well, which is a state that has a similar level of voters on both sides and could go either way in determining who they ultimately voted for. Those key states include North Carolina, Florida and Colorado. Candidates are now going to those states in their last minute quest to get those votes to ultimately win and become our next President of the United States.

All in all,this presidential election might be a close race as the days get closer to election night, but in order to determine who you want to win, you must vote! Go out on Tuesday, November 8, and let your voice be heard.