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Eagle Nation Mourns The Loss of 5 Fellow Eagles

“It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of a tragedy that took place this morning. Five Georgia Southern students died and two were injured in an early morning crash on I-16 eastbound near Savannah…”

This was the start of message each student received Wednesday afternoon. Georgia Southern University suffered a tremendous loss this past Wednesday. Police say a tractor-trailer failed to stop as traffic slowed in front of it on the interstate around 5:45 a.m. The truck smashed into a line of cars. In total seven vehicles, including two tractor-trailers and five passenger cars, were involved in the crash. Four students died at the scene while three others were taken to the hospital for injuries. Georgia Southern University identified the dead as Emily Clark of Powder Springs, Morgan Bass of Leesburg, Abbie Deloach of Savannah, Catherine Pittman of Alpharetta and Caitlyn Baggett of Millen.


“Hold on to that love, hold on to that support and Eagle Nation, hold on to each other because we are family” – President Brooks Keel

On Thursday at 7:00, students, family members, friends and staff all gathered at Sweet Heart Circle. Candles were lit, tears were shed, and kind words were spoken as Eagle Nation came together to mourns the loss of their fellow eagles.

May You Rest In Peace

Emily Clark

Morgan Bass

Abbie Deloach

Catherine McKay Pittman

Caitlyn Baggett


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