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I think it’s pretty safe to say that there is no love on this Earth like the love a parent has for their child. They have changed hundreds of dirty diapers, battled the boogie man for us night after night, loved us through all the puberty drama, listened to our first heartbreaks, and still love us and try to keep us motivated during this journey we call college. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just don’t seem like enough time to show them how much we deeply appreciate everything that they do for us. In my opinion, our lovely parents deserve to be catered to and served to each and every day for all that they’ve done and shown every day that we appreciate all that they have done and will continue to do for us as long as they roam this Earth.

Showing love and appreciation is more than a few “thank you” s here and there. Nonverbal actions of affirmation are also a great choice. Thanksgiving Break is approaching, and we will be at home with our loved ones for one week. I encourage us all to take advantage to show our parents that we are thankful for everything that they handle behind the scenes to keep us above water.

There are so many simple ways that we can make things a little easier at home for that week. For starters, let’s try to keep our attitudes in check. My mom always tells me that respect is important and makes her feel like she matters, not just when she’s pulling strings for me. I know that sometimes we bump head with our moms, who doesn’t? This week, challenge yourself to put your attitude aside to keep the peace in the house. Every time we talk back or get upset with our parents, I’m sure it’s a slap in the face to them. “How can I do this all for you and you can still fix your mouth to say anything smart back to me”. Many of the times this occurs it’s not even our intention to make them feel disrespected, but we feel as though we need to get our point across and be heard. During break, I challenge us to just keep our opinions to ourselves and listen more. Watch how Mom’s mood elevates by the lack of rebuttals. 

Another way to make things easier while we’re home would be cleaning. I know that school is racking up stress with all the tests and homework we have. We feel stretched out between our various organizations, sports or just the workload alone but, I promise, this doesn’t compare to the stress of a parent. During your stay at home, try cleaning the kitchen after your mom makes you breakfast, taking the trash out before your dad gets the chance to, something along those lines. Small tasks like that being done without anyone having to ask is like giving fat kid cake. I don’t really understand why it makes my parents as happy as it does, but I know the feeling is pretty priceless, so I encourage you all to experience this moment with your own parents. 

Showing that we are appreciative of the many sacrifices and challenges that our parents have endured for us is very important. Whether you know it or not, that feeling of being acknowledged, respected and cherished is always desired by our loved ones. Going that extra mile, instead of leaving things at a simple “Thank you” or “I love you” does wonders. If you want to see your parents happy every day that you’re home with them, I definitely encourage you all to DO something every day that you are home to SHOW them that you mean every word you say. We all know that a happy wife makes a happy life and a happy home so, do it for your momma! 


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