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Disrespect will NOT BE TOLERATED


As humans, we have all been through a time in our life when someone has disrespected us, whether it was intentional or not. We go through whatever phase we have to go through to get ourselves to calm down, whether it’s screaming at the top of our lungs and lash out or keep to ourselves and keep it pushing. Whatever the case maybe, it helps us get rid of the built up anger within in.

There are plenty of things that many people can tolerate without it being an issue. Some more than others, depending on the circumstances.

One thing a person should not tolerate is disrespect from anyone. Let me explain.

What I’m saying is this, regardless of the trouble that is already promised in the world, you do not have to sit back and let someone disrespect you. You do not have to keep your mouth closed and let those have control over your emotions and who you are. That’s not their place.

For me personally, when someone disrespects me, I take it to a whole other level. It goes from level 10 to level 100 because I want the person to personally see and feel how I am feeling. I want the person to understand that what they did was wrong and it better not happens again. It may not come out the way I wanted it to because for me when I lash out, its goes from logic to emotional in a heartbeat, but regardless of that, you want to make sure that what they did to you will never happen again.

People in this world will try to disrespect you because they do not see you as a challenge. They see you as a person who does not have the strength to stand up for themselves. They pick on you through observation.  How you carry yourselves, how you walk, talk, sit, stand, and how you act and react when trouble comes your way.  Notice that those who make it known who make it known that disrespect will not be tolerated from jump don’t have as many issues to deal with.

When you consistently allow someone to you anyway or disrespect you in any manner and you don’t say anything, they think its ok and it’s not. I’m not saying you have to raise all types of hell and knock them down until they are emotionally disturbed (like I have in the past), but there are ways to make it known. Stand up for yourself, use your common sense, say no when people try to take advantage of you.

At this point, there will always be that person that will take it too far. That’s when you to decide to take it a step further and hit it where it hurts the most or walk away. Either way, it goes, it’s your decision to make.





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