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Dealing With Roommate Drama

Since Halloween is coming up, I think it’s only fair to discuss a topic this scary. One of my worst fears coming to college was having roommate drama. There’s a lot of energy in a home; whether it be an actual house, apartment, or dorm. So when roommate drama erupts, it’s like living in a social minefield. You can completely avoid roommate drama by not having a friendship with your roommate outside the home, but how likely is that?


So here are a few tips on dealing with an unfortunate situation:


Let bygones be bygones

Remember that you all have to share a space! It’s just much more pleasant to just let the tension fly and move on to whatever. Listen to your roommates (even if you’re only pretending), and let them know that you care to resolve an issue.

Never spread the drama!

My pet peeve is when a person takes the liberty to discuss an issue with someone who is not involved whatsoever. Venting is understandable and necessary at times but it is super important to understand that you will be opening a can of worms by doing so. Contain the fire, don’t spread it! For the love of all things good DONT TWEET ABOUT IT. 

Don’t be petty!

This is obvious. We all know that being petty does nothing for a situation but make it bigger. If you choose to be petty, you deserve the drama that follows.

Move Out!

This is worst case scenario and only necessary if things are way too damaged. This happened to me before and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in college. It was unfortunate, but sometimes you have to let go. Your space in college is so important, don’t forget that!



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