CSA President: Sheldon McCarthy


Her Campus Georgia Southern is proud to present this week’s Campus Celebrity, Sheldon McCarthy. Sheldon is a sophomore here at Georgia Southern, and he is already making a huge impact on campus. He is the president of CSA, which stands for Caribbean Student Association. CSA is 100 strong and has started the year off with a bang. Sheldon plans to have a future career with music technology and engineering. You can’t miss him on campus. He is very approachable, jovial, and definitely a people person.


Name: Sheldon McCarthy


Hometown: Clarendon, Jamaica/Decatur, Georgia


Major/Minor: Multimedia Communication


Year: Sophomore


Organization(s): Caribbean Student Association


HC: Since you are the president of the Caribbean Student Association, tell us more about your organization!


Sheldon: Caribbean Student Association is an organization focused on sharing and educating the campus of the Caribbean culture, and giving those from the Caribbean a place that feels not far so from home and also a place for Caribbeans to meet more Caribbeans and other people. (YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE CARIBBEAN). We welcome all.


HC: What is it like being the president of CSA?


Sheldon: Very enjoyable. I love the way we spread our culture to the campus and give those who are of Caribbean a place to feel close to home.


HC: What makes your organization different from other organizations?


Sheldon: Our culture. The Caribbean culture is one like no other. Our traditions and customs, music, the way we talk, and more.


HC: Are there upcoming events for CSA?


Sheldon: Caribbean Carnival for Spring semester 2016.


HC: What do you enjoy the most about Georgia Southern?


Sheldon: I enjoy the major diversity. Just speaking and meeting different people every other day from different backgrounds.


HC: What is one interesting fact you would like people to know about you?


Sheldon: I taught myself six instruments that I now play by ear.


HC: What is a quote you live your life by?


Sheldon: “Forget all the reasons it won’t work, and believe the one reason it will.”


HC: Any advice for upcoming freshman?


Sheldon: Prioritize, prioritize, PRIORITIZE!! Always keep in mind what’s more important.


HC: Thank you for your time!

Sheldon: Thank you for your acknowledgment!