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Cardi B Is Pregnant!!

Many celebrities have a habit of announcing the birth of their baby the day of their due date or just a few months before. I wonder if it is because of the stress that comes with being a celebrity and also being pregnant at the same time. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and although many people should embrace it, those who are in the limelight have a hard time staying stress free through the whole course.


Cardi B recently confirmed the rumors of her having her first child on SNL. It was reported that Cardi B and Offset were both expecting their first child together. The singer/rapper revealed her baby bump to those watching the show as she sang her new single “Be Careful”.




Cardi B did not stop the reveal of her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live she also took it to twitter to conform rumors of the baby saying, “I’m Finally Free”. Many of her fans were anticipating the news of Cardi B’s pregnancy. Some thought she would have held off and waited till the birth of the baby just like Kylie Jenner did.  


According to sources this is Supposedly Cardi B first child, while Offset will now have a fourth Baby Mama, making this his fourth child. Offset took the time to congratulate and share his excitement for his Baby Mama by tweeting on twitter “ Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together”. With all the allegations of Offset cheating on Cardi I hope he finally gets it right this time with a new child on the way. Hopefully Offset treats Cardi the right way and does not have other women interrupt this time for her. Many felt that her new single “Be Careful” was about Offset’s infidelity. But now with the new baby on the way it seems that Offset is getting his act together and treating Mrs. Queen Cardi like the queen she is.



Both artist are suspected to be getting married sometime this year with their baby on the way this summer. Cardi B posted a picture on instagram with the huge diamond ring that Offset gifted her. Knowing Cardi This wedding is probably not something that you want to miss. Sources say that she is taking her time to plan the most extravagant wedding for her and Offset. Cardi is going to need a lot of help from her team on this one. Nobody wants her stressed before the birth of her baby.

With love and pregnancy in the air who knows who will become pregnant next, maybe rihanna. *crosses fingers* We all wish Cardi B the best and hope that this is a time of peace and love for her.


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