Campus Celebrity: Damien Henderson '16


Friend to Some Music Guru to Others

Damien Henderson is a junior, Broadcast Journalism major here at Georgia Southern.


Her Campus: How would you describe your style of music?

Damien Henderson: That’s a really hard question, it sucks that we live in a society where we have to put labels on everything instead of just appreciating things for what they are. It’s just “me”. It is definitely hip hop, a little alternative, sort of darker than you would imagine or that you would normally hear. It is very autobiographical and honest and even introspective . . . and vulnerable.


HC: Who do you draw your inspirations from?

DH: My iTunes library is so diverse I feel as if I am always listening to so many different artist and styles. I would say Kid Cudi, Lana Del Ray, Big K.R.I.T, and Beyoncé (Definitely). I like all types of music, The Roots, Empire of the Sun, and definitely Eminem too.


HC: If you could do a duet album with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

DH:  It would be probably Kid Cudi… or either Florence and the Machine, but probably Cudi.


HC: What is your favorite song that you’ve done to date, and why?

DH: My favorite song is “Supreme” because it was the easiest to write and I feel the production is phenomenal. It has its excerpt of a close friend of mine who is currently incarcerated, who recorded it a few hours before he went to serve him time. It is a really personal song and it’s very insightful about my life, but it’s still hard at the same time. It’s a story of triumph. It’s a glimpse of life and what I’ve been through, but also optimistic saying that you can still be Supreme and go after your goals



HC: Where do you do most of your recording?

DH: I do most of it in my apartment. I have a studio set up in my closet, but not like a sketchy. When you think of a closet booth you think of something tacky, but mine is actually set up really nicely.  It’s rare that I am recording somewhere else unless I’m doing a feature.


HC: If you could have your ideal life, what would that life be?

DH: My life would consist of me first and foremost being happy. I would like to spend my life in the studio making music majority of the time and if I’m not in studio smiling and laughing with my friends and family. Traveling is a really big thing to me, I definitely want to see the world and stay on the move. I want to touch people’s lives and inspiring them to do better and be a role model in a sense.


HC: If you could only travel to one place in the world where would that place be?

DH: I think my number one would be to get to a beach in Hawaii I know my life is complete. I know that when I get to Hawaii’s shore with the sun coming down and I can just look out onto the water, with not too many people around, that’s when I believe life will come full circle.


HC: What are other talents that you have that most people don’t know about?

DH: I like dancing a lot and I am really good at it. I’ve been dancing since I was little. I am also really good with coding in HTML and graphics, and I can also type extremely fast.

HC: How would you say GSU has shaped you as a person?

DH: I feel like it has made me better-rounded in a sense that it is so diverse. You’re forced to deal with all types of people from all walks of life just as if you are in the real world. It has made me a lot more dedicated. I’ve met some really interesting people here and formed really great friendship here and couldn’t imagine my college experience anywhere else.


HC: What do you say has been your top moment at GSU?

DH: My top moment would be homecoming freshman year. It was truly an experience that I can never get again. It was the one weekend where I didn’t worry about anything and was able to just have fun, also, working at the Phone-A-Thon. A few weeks ago my supervisor showed me how much I had earned for my total time working for the school. I have almost raised $8,000 for the school makes me feel great about the hard work I have done. 

HC: When you pass on, what do you want to be the legacy you leave behind?

DH:  I want people to be able to say I was strong, strong and that I was inspiring, and that I left my mark in a sense. I hope that not only will my music live on but also my wisdom and the energy that I try to put out into the universe will stick around way beyond my life. Also fun, I believe that I am a pretty fun person. 



**If you would like to see more work from Damez visit his website or his Soundcloud!