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Bottles Up, What Type of Drinker are You?

With homecoming coming to an end i’m sure we have all had our great deal of fun. With some of us being the people who are totally under qualified to drink, their are others who are total master at the task. Regardless if you are a pro drinker or if you drink only on occasion I know we can all fall into a “type of drunk person.”


The “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” drinker.

This drinker is always ready to party and on many occasions ends up shi*tfaced in the back of the uber driver’s car.  This drinker knows all of the moves and makes sure to make an appearance at all of them. Show love to this drinker because you are guaranteed a good time.



The “he loves me, he loves me not” drinker or also known as the “emotional one.”

This drinker when drunk cries….A LOT. Going out with this type of drinker requires you to be very tolerant of the clinginess and constant talk about their broken heart. To be on the safe side go ahead and take their phone early to prevent any “ex-calls.” show love to this drinker because they have a good heart that shines through when they sober up.


The Friend maker.

This drinker is the girl you run into in the bathroom and immediately become friends with. It usually starts with a complement and ends with you telling each other your life stories. You never truly hang out with this person again but every time you run into each other when you’re out you totally speak, after all you are “going out friends.”


The MIA drinker

This drinker disappears. You are talking one minute and the next time you turn around…she’s gone. This drinker is a wanderer so make sure to have the “find your friends” app setup.


The I’m totally wasted drinker.

This drinker is immediately drunk upon their first drink and will be sure to let you know it. This drinker can be fun because once you are turnt off one drink there’s no need to spend money on any more.


The drowsy drinker.

This drinker is the drinker that will drink and fall asleep anywhere. You look over and they are asleep on the table, standing up, on the wall, or in the car.


The naughty drinker

This drinker is a sexual drinker. Many times you will lose them and find them flirting with someone across the party. This drinker may get touchy with some but you gotta love them.


The puker.

This drinker is the type of drinker to well…puke. With this drinker it never fails that by the end of the night you are going to be holding their hair back as they lean over the trash can. They will be telling you they will never drink again…well until next weekend anyways.


“In alcohol’s defense i’ve done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too.” _Unknown



Elena Yeargan

Georgia Southern '18

E. GATA. Senior Education Major. President of the Georgia Southern Chapter "Lead with integrity."-Unknown
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