Body Positivity

Body Positivity- “Accepting your body as it is and attempting to make everyone else feel comfortable in their own skin as well”.  Growing up in a world with very different opinions and viewpoints on body types and “what is considered sexy”, it is hard for anyone, especially pre-pubescent, to get a grasp on “how they should look”.  Due to representation in American media, all you see in magazines and TV commercials are body types like these: 


Growing up and seeing the same body types on your favorite actors and singers, you start to think that the only way for you to be accepted into modern society, is to also look like your favorite actors and singers. And this is where a lot of self-esteem issues stem from, which can lead to serious eating disorders, like anorexia and bulimia nervosa.  The media is one of the main reasons why people have unrealistic concepts of what their body should look like.  And the only way to break this societal perspective is to stand together and show that bodies came in all shapes and sizes and can still be considered beautiful. We have to start to push for more plus-size models in mainstream magazines. We have to stop correlating “unattractive” to people with bigger bodies.  As a society, we can work together to break the “body norm” perspective. Everyone is different with different bodies that should be loved and appreciated all the same.  No matter what the scale says and no matter what society says, you are elegant and stunning just the way you are. Practice self-love and teach self-love. #Loveyourself.