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Earlier last week I finally got a chance to catch up with one of my mentors l. As we were talking the topic of pregnancy came up as it does in a lot of conversations that I have with a lot of people, weird enough. Both of my mentors are ladies that just graduated in May with their bachelor degrees and both graduated with kids. My mentor that got pregnant first, we'll call her K, had a beautiful baby girl and my other mentor, who we'll refer to as J, had a handsome son who'll be celebrating his first birthday this weekend. Anyway K brought up a very weird view on women getting pregnant in college and with her being a psychology major it wasn't hard for her to drive it deep into my brain.

The hypothetical question K posed was "Why is it that women that are doing good in college can get pregnant and have to hide it and deal with unbelievable amounts of criticism from friends and family while women who get pregnant who are just working or hanging out at home get to enjoy their pregnancies with no restrictions?" This blew my mind. We as women in college are actually striving to better ourselves should get ample support from people around us to help not only us but the blessing we're preparing to bring into the world. Of course we're still young and of course we don't have it all figured out, but for lack of better words, we have life a little more figured out than the girls working at the hometown restaurants. Children are never a mistake because the sole purpose of sex is to reproduce but college women shouldn't receive any extra criticism or feel like they have to hide their blessings. 

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