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Best/Worst Dorms to Stay in at Georgia Southern

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Living on your own for the first time can be really stressful. I know for me, it was the first time I started to take my entire childhood for granted. My mom and older siblings did a lot for me and I had never really realized until I got to college. Making your living space “your own” is really important. I know a once every few months I have a mental breakdown in my bathroom because it just hits me every so often that I’m really in college and that I’m really by myself. I facetime and snap chat my mom all the time, but I really start to miss her when I sit back and think about how much I’m doing for myself that I had never done before because mommy always did it. When you get to your dorm, make sure you set it up to where it fits you as much as possible. This will be helpful for when you have those breakdowns because it gives you a sense of security. You feel like you’re at home sort of. In my room, I have tons of pictures on my walls of all of my friends and family. Go to Walgreens and print some pictures off of your phone for like $0.13 a piece and hang them up. 

Now, how you can set up your dorm, depends on where you are staying. So here are some of the best and worst dorms (in my opinion) to stay in here at Georgia Southern University. 

Listed in order of worst to best:

8. Watson

Watson has three different room options that you can live in, a double room (you and another person share room), a large single, and a small single. Residents have a community bathroom and if you want to live in the traditional dorms that you see in movies, or that your parents had when they were in school, here’s your place.

7. Kennedy

Kennedy has a lot of (in my opinion) distasteful style dorms, but freshmen gata gata (football players) reside here, so if you’re a girl and get stuck in Kennedy, at least you have a bright side of living there.

6. Eagle Village (EV)

Besides the Twin XL beds, and having to go all the way down the hall to do your laundry, EV is a nice place to stay. Eagle Village usually hous the Lead & Serve Living Learning Community and The Lab Living Learning Community which is sponsered by the College of Science and Math.

5. University Villas (UV/Villas)

Villas has many different townhome floor plans, so find one that works for you and enjoy it. They have ponds in the center of them with gazeboes to relax under after a long 

4. Southern Pines (Pines/SoPi)

Closer than some to campus, a nice “first-apartment” feel, except the kitchen size. The clubhouse is a great spot to go for homework and fun.

3. Southern Courtyard (Courtyard/SoCo)

AKA Southern Pines Deluxe. Full kitchen, living room and laundry room. I currently live here and I love it. I’m right across the street from GATAs (with their $.50 wings on mondays) and Cambridge, and right next to Campus Crossing. (You can walk to all the kickbacks you please, with no problem. You’re right there.)

2. Centennial Place

Depending on what building of four you stay in will determine the set up, like in building one, there are no living rooms and kitchens but there are in building four. All of these dorms are on campus, but Centenial has campus right outside its doors. Perfect for those “if only I would’ve left the house 3 minutes earlier” students.

1. Freedom’s Landing

Freedoms is far enough from campus and very spacious. You know how you had to share your room with your brother/sister but you really wanted your parents’ mater bedroom? Well, here’s that master bedroom you’ve always dreamed of. You have your own bathroom and everything.

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