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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Social media has been an amazing invention. It lets us communicate with others around the world. This has helped us keep in contact with people we cannot see every day, and it has been a way for us to meet new people. We are able to share photos and videos with others. Social media has also been used as a tool for social injustices and spreading news. There are many benefits to using it, but there can be many negative effects of social media. Social media is very fast and can be permanent. Any picture or video can go viral, and it can be shared and saved in a matter of seconds. Once it is out there, it is out there forever. You have to be careful with what you post, because social media has the ability to ruin lives. Taking a social media detox, can be beneficial to people by helping them put focus back on reality.


You Can Get Things Done

Some people scroll through social media for hours. As college students this can be a really bad habit, because it can distract you from your responsibilities. Sometimes students sneak on their phone during lectures and miss important information. Sometimes we get on social media instead of doing homework assignments or our jobs. So, staying off social media can help you be more productive and attentive. You can instead engage in things that help you actively live your life in reality versus through a screen. You can clean your room, cook a meal, find internships, learn an instrument, and so much more throughout your day by limiting the hours spent on social media. 

It Can Increase Your Self-Esteem

Sometimes social media portrays a person’s life differently from what it actually is. We see people traveling, partying, and living this great life and we can start to compare ourselves to others. However, you don’t know what’s going on in a person’s life based on a picture or frozen facial expression. Getting off social media and actually talking to people and checking on people can let you know what’s real and what is not. Taking a break from social media can help you focus on your life and appreciate where you are and where you want to be in the future, because you won’t be busy wishing you had someone else’s. Social media can also have an effect on how physical self-esteem. We can compare ourselves to men and women who are a certain weight, height, skin tone, etc. Taking a break from social media can help us reevaluate why having likes or having people tell you that you look good is important. It’s more important that you believe you look good, than it is for someone else to tell you.


It Can Help You Think Positively

On social media, we can see all kinds of hateful comments targeted towards race, sexuality, politics, gender, and more. People are not afraid to say what they really think, if they are protected to do so behind a computer or phone screen. Some people get into arguments through social media about anything, and it can be unhealthy to fill your head with drama and negativity constantly throughout your day. Social media is great in exposing people who say hateful things, but it also hurts those affected. So, taking a break from social media can help you have a more peaceful mind throughout your day.


Khiyah G

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My name is Khiyah Griffin and I am currently a junior at Georgia Southern University majoring in Journalism.
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.