Avengers Endgame: The Countdown-- Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man

Age of Ultron is high on my list of Marvel favorites. Another movie where everyone is brought together, and they bond and laugh and fight together to defeat evil. This time, robots.

 Ultron is scary, especially because he's a robot, and he's smarter than any of the Avenger's previous foes. Maybe that's because Tony made him, maybe not. Either way, he's a formidable opponent for our heroes.

The addition of the twins Pietro and Wanda Maximoff was a beautiful addition too. Not only are the actors extremely talented but the characters are perfect as well. Pietro's sassiness but dying commitment to his sister is what makes him so lovable. Wanda is the hard but soft type, the girl whose edgy on the outside but pudding on the inside.

Wanda is also insanely powerful, and at the end becomes the new addition to the team. It's refreshing to see another strong, powerful female get thrown into a mix of powerful men. Especially in a way that isn't focused on objectifying her and putting her into a box. Ten points Marvel.

Ant-Man was delightedly fresh. It was funny, and it was exciting and they made the ants kind of cute. We all love Paul Rudd, especially since his Mike on Friends days and as Scott Lang he's even better.

It's an interesting twist, especially on a superhero and what makes it even better is that Scott is all heart, instead of power. At least, superpower. It's refreshing, to see the main character superhero who's just like everyone else, except he's got better friends. 

Speaking of friends, Scott's non-super friends are just as interesting and cool as his super friends. Dare I say it, even cooler. But his trio of ex-convicts are fresh and hilarious and another driving force in this insect movie. Another 10/10 recommend and onto more Marvel pastures.