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Are You a POC from Georgia? Here’s Why You NEED to Vote.

Politics have been a major topic in the news over the past couple of weeks because of the major election that is coming up. This election is very big and quite frankly, important. This election is important for our advancement as POC. I’m from Georgia and the mayor candidates for Georgia are two very opposite candidates. Stacey Abrams, an African American woman running for the Democratic party and her opponent, Brian Kemp whom is the candidate for the Republican party. It is so important that people of color vote this election and get Stacey Abrams into office. It is going to be a very close race considering the president of the united states, which so many people seem to support, is a supporter of the republican candidate. On October 24th, Donald Trump tweeted:

When I scroll through the tweets, I see that many people disagree with Trump and they also talk about how Brian Kemp is supposedly the one behind “voiding democratic votes”. Kemp is also Secretary of State so he is the representative over voting elections. It is said that he has been doing this for a while, but if you have been keeping up with the voting results in Georgia you would know that it is true that people’s votes are being turned around; the minority at that. In an article I read it states that,

“The epicenter of the current mismatch crisis is Gwinnett County, the most diverse county in the state. While Gwinnett has just 12 percent of the state’s total mail-in ballots, it’s already responsible for 40 percent of statewide rejections this election cycle. “

A coincidence much? Not at all. That is nearly half of voters. The article also says,

“Sounds reasonable enough, right? The problem is that Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp—the same guy running for governor—is a ruthless voter suppressor who is already keeping 53,000 voters, mostly minorities, off the rolls. Kemp is an expert at deploying legally dubious maneuvers to disenfranchise minorities, and he has gone all out for this election. He will surely fight any lower-court decision injecting some fairness into the signature-mismatch mess, since his own shot at the governor’s office is on the line.”

With all this being said I think it is extremely important that minority gets out and votes; and votes for the party that will benefit us as a people; the Democratic party. Brian Kemp, whom is highly favored by Donald Trump will only set us back as a whole. With Donald trump tweeting about not voting for Stacey Abrams, were all ready down. With Kemp voiding votes, that two bullets. If we go out and vote as a whole we can stop this. It is important to get people in office who are from where we are from with the similar views and concerns as us. Get out and vote Stacey Abrams. The future is here and history starts with us. Let’s be history makers. We need to advance as a people, not take backwards steps. 


Simone Sanders

Georgia Southern '21

I am a writer for HC at Georgia Southern University.
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