8 Things They Didn't Tell You About College

Before most people attend college, we think of it as our gateway to freedom. For most people, college is about partying, meeting new people, and the beginning of starting your life away from home. But once it’s almost time to graduate, you realize there were some things that everyone failed to tell you about school. Her Campus Georgia Southern brings you: 8 Things They Didn’t Tell You About College.

1. Tests that you don’t want to take didn’t just stop in high school. 

If you plan on continuing your education the GRE, MCAT, and LSATs are some tests you might not enjoy.  We regret to inform you that SATs and ACTs were just warm-ups.

2. You will hate freshman . . . actually just younger people in general.

Although we were most likely loud, annoying, clingy underclassmen that made a lot of mistakes, for some reason when we hit senior year we kind of forgot about that part of our lives. And we really don’t want to be around many younger people because everything they do seems extremely annoying and reckless.

3. You really enjoy your home and space.

For many of us when we first came to school, we spent a lot of that time partying and throwing up in bathrooms and mastering how to pee outside.  Once senior year comes you may find yourself not wanting to go out as much because you’ve been there and done that A LOT or you're getting older and can no longer get wasted and go to class in an hour because now you get sick and 2 day hangovers (the latter is probably the real reason) . . . There’s always a party and you probably have tests in that 4000-5000 level course tomorrow or you’re planning your life for after college.  Either way, “ain’t nobody got time for that!’


4. You don’t like going on campus that much.

Now that you’re almost done you kind of really don’t want to be at school unless you need to be.  Perfect attendance in those elective classes will mostly likely be a no go. Because penalty free absences in your syllabus are now your best friend. Actually, you may have trolled Rate My Professor for the most lax professors.

5. Your friends that graduated have gotten really old too.

Everyone that mattered now is either graduated, married, has babies, started their career, OR flips burgers. No seriously, you’ll see those that seem to have it all together and then there are the ones that got their degree in partying and it shows; and you really don’t want to end up like the ones who wasted the past 4-6 (maybe 7+) years doing absolutely nothing and now their life sucks.

6. Drama?

Yeah, no, save that for your mama. Because once you’re a senior, you really don’t care about what anyone has to say or think about you.  You just want to get out of school so you avoid people that have it.

7. You’re at a higher risk of “robbing the cradle.”

You’ve realized that guys with no facial hair and half naked girls have taken over your campus. You should probably ask for ID before seeking out the guys and girls.  More than likely they’re too young for you, but you probably knew that once they opened their mouth.

8. You’ve realized how much you’ve become like your parents.

You get excited about deals on bedding, soaps, and your cooking skills have probably advanced well past the ramen stages.  Your ramen probably looks like a meal at an Asian restaurant now.  Yes, they forgot to tell us the main thing that happens in your last year is that you’ve probably matured drastically and grown up.