7 Things Guys Are Too Scared To Ask For In Bed.

With all the controversy and double standards in the world that we live with, sometimes people can never get what they really want. With rape being a huge issue today, some men are too scared to ask for what they want. If you feel the guy is right or you just want to try a few new things on an old fling, Here are seven things that guys really want but are too scared to ask for.

1. Take the Lead.

Too often, women kinda just lay back and let the men do all the work. Me, I get tired of laying on my back. Get up and get on top. Don't ask him, just get up and start riding and watch how many times yall "fornicate" before actually going to bed.

2. Get Loud.

How is your man supposed to know he's doing his job right if you don't tell him? A lot of the times you aren't going to stop him mid-stroke saying, "You're doing a great job, baby." We don't, but we should. Probably not those exact words, but men want their "congrats" on a job well done during. So get loud; moan so the roommates can hear. But be considerate if you have roommates. Call him daddy; make him feel big. But don't overexaggerate any of it; it might come off as fake.

3. Get Hands-y.

If he can smack your ass during, why can't you smack his? Depending on your partner, he might not like it; but you won't know until you try, right? Just as you want him all over you, he wants the same thing. Scratch his back; pull his hair; grab his muscles.

4. Make Love To Yourself, Too!

Men want you to feel comfortable with your body, so why not show them? 9 times out of ten, when you're dealing with a sexual partner, they are a person who (secretly, or openly) admires your body. A lot of the time women think that our partner would be disgusted with our bodies if they really knew what was underneath our clothes. NO! Show him you take care of your body to show off in situations like these.

5. Give Orders.

Don't boss him around, but show him exactly what you want. That way no one is wasting any time on unnecessary foreplay, and you get your satisfaction exactly how you want it. Just because he's too scared to ask, doesn't mean you need to be. And some men love when you tell them exactly what needs to be done. It's a win-win.

6. Oral Sex!

I mean, obviously, this was coming. You gotta give to receive. 69 is always fun. You always hear about it, but you've never tried it. They aren't expecting it as much as they would anything else. Sometimes oral sex doesn't have to be included as foreplay. Wake him up to it and y'all won't leave the bed until noon.

7. Go Outside Your Comfort Zone.

Get a new scenery. Try new positions that you saw in a porno. Watch a porno together and see what y'all like and what y'all don't like. Car sex is pretty lit, well if the car is big enough. But if it's not, get on the trunk of the car. Don't be out at Zaxby's in the middle of the day having sex on your car, that's illegal. Find a city park around midnight, or get a hotel room with a view and open the curtains. Or, keeping in mind that we're on a college campus, wear a skirt with no underwear on and slide into one of the empty classrooms.