6 Reasons Why Stacey Dash Should Just Shut Up

As a woman of color, I find Stacey Dash to be both, offensive and embarrassing.  She has been in the news lately again, for being completely “clueless” on segregation and the Oscars. 

If you aren’t familiar with the “has-been” actress, she played Dionne “Dee” Davenport in Clueless, and hasn’t been relevant on television since the 1990’s.  She is also the cousin of Damon Dash; the former manager and 1/3 founder of Roc-A-Fella records.

Dash has recently decided to make a name for herself by endorsing the Republican Party, and by sharing her outlandish ideas for attention.    I think it is more than necessary for me now to share why Stacey Dash should just be quiet, and stop trying to desperately regain popularity with ignorance. 

 Here are just some of her farfetched beliefs:

1.       Stacey Dash does not feel that women need to be paid equally to men.

Dash feels that women should just "work harder" if they want to be paid equally.  Really, what job has she done besides posing nude for Playboy in 2006 and being on the cover King Magazine (Black Playboy) in 2008 or having roles no one wants to feed her starving career?

 Last I checked, taking your clothes off and barely having an acting career wasn't hard work.  For her to discredit women who make 70 cents per every male dollar is absurd.

There are many hardworking woman that actually have to do more besides, look pretty and be an airhead for a living. She needs to work harder at being a better actress. When she does that, maybe we can take her opinion into account.

She wasn't even on the front cover...

But the "Black" Playboy put her on their cover.. 

2.       Stacey Dash doesn’t believe in Affirmative Action.

How can she dislike something that is the very reason for her success?  Stacey Dash was the token black girl of Clueless. 

Maybe if Affirmative Action laws were properly in place, she could've been on the cover of Playboy instead of just being mentioned as a nude model.  She was good enough to be mentioned naked but not to be on the cover. Hmmm.

3. Stacey Dash doesn’t think the Oscars should be boycotted.

She's gotten a lot lighter in complexion since Mo' Money.

Of course she doesn’t think the Oscars should be boycotted; she was never nominated for one. It doesn’t affect her.  When you star in D-grade films, of course you wouldn’t understand.

Actually, what award has she ever won?  The problem with her ideas is that Black actors had to play slaves, servants, and jezebels just so she could even be a token in the 90s.

She hasn't been relevant in predominately White films since the 90's.  She has been a victim of Hollywood limiting roles to people of color, which is the reason why people are boycotting the Oscars in the first place. How dare she?

4.       Stacey Dash wants B.E.T. off the air an end to things that target Black people.

Stacey Dash wants to put an end to BET and other forms of Black entertainment because she feels that  it causes segregation, and if Whites were to have such things people would be upset.  Does Stacey Dash know that BET is owned by Viacom a White owned company? White people technically already have those things.  

New flash, those networks and businesses were created because there was not enough representation for Blacks on television and in magazines.  As a matter of fact, King Magazine and BET were created because people like her weren't being featured as much mainstream media.  

Most of her checks came from the Black businesses and networks that she wants to do away with.   Her first notable appearance was on The Cosby Show in 1985, which was a show that was geared toward showing Black people in a positive light, in a time when they weren't.  

What's even worse, is that she was on the popular BET show, The Game. BET has cut her many checks in the past. For her to bite the hand that feeds her is an outrage; but maybe she forgot about that.

But BET didn't forget.

5.       Stacey Dash wants to put an end to Black History Month.

Wow, this one.  Let’s just be honest here, Stacey Dash hasn’t thought she was Black in years. She has been the token Black girl for years and she is the token for FOX and Friends.  Her self-hate makes me cringe.   The fact that she thinks that racists don’t see her for what she is, truly bewilders me.  

She defended her beliefs by saying, it was because we were all American and that Black people needed to stop tethering between integration and segregation. She referred to the name of the month as "ludicrous."  Look, “Ms. Clueless,” we wouldn’t need a Black History Month if people of color were being represented fairly and equally year-round.

Sure, it would be nice not to have those things but we need them or certain people would be left out of history.  And, if it weren’t for those people that we honor in February she wouldn’t even be who or where she is today. 

People of all colors died so that she could be desperate for attention and undermine their struggles on national television.  She is ludicrous!

6.       Stacey Dash endorses Donald Trump.

Does Stacey Dash even make enough to be a Republican?  I feel like she has conservative ideas on a liberal salary. Did posing nude and those D-list movies pay that much? I guess Fox is paying her that much. 

That fact that she supports a candidate that spreads nothing but ignorance and hatred is insane.   What’s worse is that he spreads ignorance about Blacks and Mexicans, and she is half and half. 

How can she back someone that spreads hate speech about her people?  How much confusion and self-hate does she harbor for herself?   Stacey Dash is delusional, and should be banned from voicing her opinion.

Dave Chappelle needs to have another Racial Draft so that she can be given away.  If you aren’t familiar with the Racial Draft, it was made popular on the Chappelle Show and jokingly stated the racial standings of mixed Americans. 

During the last and only one, the Blacks jokingly gave Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell away.  She needs to go next, but not as joke but for real.   

With all of the racial tension going on at this time we do not need people like her speaking on behalf of anyone.  Stacey Dash is a disgrace not only to herself but to progressive people.  She is ignorant, and her views do not reflect that of anyone with common sense (Black, Latino, or whatever). Stacey Dash please, just shut up.