5 Tips For Good A** Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner and let the planning begin. Spring break is always a highlight and a way to relax after a stressful start to the semester so always make sure you are having a good time while being smart. Whether you are going to Miami Beach, PCB, or New Orleans here are some tips for a fun, safe, and cheap Spring Break:


1. Alcohol - buy alcohol before you go on vacation because spring break locations always increase their prices. 


2. Contraceptives - whether it is condoms or birth control you may get drunk and find a nice stranger to "chill" with. Either way male or female be safe and take cautionary measures when having sex.


3. Friends - the more people you add to your trip the less the cost. I don't know about you but splitting the trip cost among 5 people is a lot better than splitting it among 2.


4. Pre-Planning - look up places to eat and clubs to go to that aren't super expensive before booking your trip. Nobody likes to go on vacation and end up spending more money than they intended.


5. Documentation - document your spring break! Grab as many t-shirts, memorabilia, and take a thousand pictures. This is the prime of your life so why not capture the moment?


***P.S. do not do anything too absurd, you are more than likely being recorded and will end up on Facebook,Twitter, and Snapchat***