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5 Things Women Tend to Do That Ruins Their Relationship

5 Things Women Tend to Do That Ruins Their Relationship. 

1) Having sex on the first date, or too soon.

We all know Women are more emotional creatures than men, and sex doesn’t make it any easier. While women tend to become intimate too soon in the relationship, men will think she is easy. Not only will they think getting sex is easy, but everything, and you’ll become a doormat instead of his girlfriend.

2) Settle

Women tend to settle for whatever comes their way because they are tired of being the “single” one in the group. We as women often get scared and feel we’ll never find Mr. Right, so we settle for anything just to say we’re in a relationship. Settling will soon turn you into a nervous wreck, and you will never find out who you are as women, know your worth or open the door for future relationships because you’re wanting to be in love for all of the wrong reasons. 

3) Having no morals and standards when it comes to your significant other. 

When to have sex with your partner is your personal choice. Whatever choice you make, just make sure it’s when YOU are ready, and not to keep him satisfied or to make him love you. Remember, you guys are not married to you’re not obligated to be intimate on any level unless you are ready for it. Relationships tend to have less emotional stress and damage on you when sex isn’t involved. 

4) Having no “Me” time once you are in a relationship


We all know women kill for affection, but wanting too much affection could be a problem. Never began to lose yourself in a man. Always try to find free time for yourself. Giving you and your partner some time is healthy for the relationship.

5) Having insecurities in the relationship

Having insecurities can make or break a relationship. Being able to vent and be honest with your mate is always a plus, but always relying on your mate to make you feel a certain way can be a bad thing. Once you start depending on your partner to make you feel a certain way, he will start to feel as though he is in control of your feelings. If you only depend on your mate to make you happy, your mate can easily without a doubt make you sad.


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