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5 things that changed for me freshmen year

5 things that changed for me freshmen year

Freshman year has been quite the experience. I have grown as an individual, made new friendships, and started my life as an adult. I knew somethings would be different but others caught me off guard. Here’s five things that changed in my life so far freshman year.

5.) My relationship with my parents

Being away from home changed the way my parents view me as an adult. Our relationship has become more open and relaxed. We talk more than we argue, they are letting me live to learn.

4.) They way I see my home town

After being stuck in a town for years and years it kind of grows boring. Everything is the same, Everyone is the same. Being at college turned it into something that is missable. I miss the comforts of driving through the streets, walking through my high school, sitting at the lake.

3.) my friendships back home

Coming to college really showed who cared. It also showed us how different we really are. Our friendship was completely based on being stuck in our hometown, under the rules of our parents, and the traditions of our school.

2.) My plans for the future

Coming to college really opened me up to new options. I discovered new interests and talents that totally redirected my plans for the future.

  1. Myself

I have changed on the inside and the outside. I have grown to be more confident and outgoing. I have become less concerned with the thoughts of others about my actions. I have changed to become more myself than the influence of others.

College is full of change, which is needed to continue on to the next chapter of life.

Natalie Turman

Georgia Southern '20

PR major at Georgia Southern | IG: Natalie_Turman “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
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