5 Shows You Didn't Know Existed But Need To Watch Right Now

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime; 2019 has been a year of streaming services, with plenty more already being announced for 2020. With so many new shows being created and easily becoming available, it can be difficult to keep up. In fact, with so many shows out there, it can be easy to miss some. Here are some of the shows you probably never knew even existed but would probably enjoy:

1.       Flint Town

Flint Town, is a documentary on Netflix released in 2018, that examines the lives of the police department in Flint, Michigan. As the “Flint Water Crisis” gained more exposure, the documentary shows how the police department faces the water crisis over a two-year period amidst shake ups in their administration and a presidential election. The eight-episode series allows its viewers a chance to learn more about the Flint Water Crisis in a way that is often not seen.

2.       Terrace House: Opening New Doors

Terrace House was recommended to me on Netflix, when I tried to search various reality shows on there for the first time, to no avail. After being curious on why it was recommended to me, I watched the show and soon realized that, it was the kindest reality show ever. Terrace House examines what happens when six young adults, 3 boys and 3 girls, live in a beautiful home. The concept is similar to an MTV reality show I had seen previously called, The Real Word. However, the difference is that, Terrace House, is based in Japan and viewers are able to see the houseguests critiqued by a panel who watched along, throughout each episode.

3.       Great News

Great News explores the life of Briga Heelan, who is a dedicated producer at a cable news network. As Briga Heelan struggles to show her colleagues that she has the skills to do great things in their industry, her mom coincidentally gets hired at her job as a new intern. The show then goes on to showcase how the mother and daughter duo tries to create a balance of being personal and professional as they work alongside one another at the news network.

4.       Grown-ish

Grown-ish, is executive produced by Anthony Anderson and serves as a spin-off to Black-ish, as Zoey Johnson begins a new chapter of her life as a college freshman. While Zoey faces the struggle of balancing new classes and new responsibilities, she tries to tackle adulthood with the help of her fellow classmates. Grown-ish, is one of the shows on television that college students can watch and relate to what they see on the screen.

5.       Younger

Younger creatively explores the effects of ageism in the workplace. Liza Miller, who is 40 years old, tries to portray herself as a 26-year-old, in hopes of trying to get back into the publishing industry. Younger, shows viewers the ups and downs that come as Liza tries to keep her secret hidden from her boss and “younger” co-worker, Kelsey, who is portrayed by Hilary Duff.