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5 Non-Princess Movies That Made My Childhood Better

 5. Hercules 

Okay, Love this movie! It came out in 1997. It’s great, It’s fun, its fast, it’s colorful, but it might not be the best movie Disney’s even done. I adore it, and not just because I was a big Greek Mythology Junkie as a kid. So what the Muses most likely weren’t Sassy Black Women, and no Gospel music and Greek Mythology do go together in the least? I liked the songs. Not to mention Hades is one of the funniest villains Disney has. The Animation style was so distinct and interesting. Okay, the story of Hercules went absolutely nothing like that and I was emotionally crushed when I read the real on. As a kid, it didn’t matter I loved it.  And so this gets the number 5 slot.

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire 



This was an attempt by Disney to do something new. It does have Princes Kida who was one of my favorite Princess growing up, however I don’t exactly consider it a princess movie.  It came out in 2001 and didn’t get as much media attension as Disney was hoping for. The Movie starts with Milo and young Scholar trying to gain funding for an archeological expedition to Atlantis. Which doesn’t fly very well, an old friend of his grandfathers who is richer than the continent Spain gives him the money. He gets this huge fleet of Subs and men and they head out or rather down as the drive deep deep into the blue murky depths. On the way to Atlantis, they get into an accident and most of the crew dies. That’s right! Most of the crew, save for our main heroes die in a fiery blaze of glory! It’s huge it’s impactful, it’s sad and it’s the first time Disney ever did anything like that on that big of a scale. I won’t tell you everything, but they find Atlantis. There is however a twist ending that I actually find kinda awesome. I’m not saying the movies it perfect. Disney stepped out of its comfort zone and it kind of shows. But the good parts are so good. The characters are more realistic and diverse than anything Disney had done at the time. The Animation and the imagery are to die for. 

3. The Road to Eldorado 


Okay, so I had to through a non-Disney flick in the list somewhere and honestly Dreamworks is the best place to go. Road to Eldorado was released in 2000 and I doubt there are many who haven’t seen this one. Basically, two con men Tulio and Miguel get their hands on a map to the Lost City of El Dorado and as luck would have it they find it and get mistaken for Gods. Hijinks ensue. I like this movie because it’s what dream works does best. Adventure movies. Now don’t get me wrong I like Anastasia but if I’m going to be honest here Road to El Dorado was just a bit better.  Maybe it’s because the Soundtrack was Elton Jon and Tim Rice, the same team that gave us Lion King Soundtrack! The animation was nothing to sneeze at either the action scenes, the movement, the character design, all an onslaught of bright beautiful colors and Aztec flare. The characters were memorable and very realistic, the writing was hilarious and very clever. It almost reminds me of The Princess Bride with its pace and wittiness. Which I honestly I can’t be mad at.

2. Treasure Planet


Flying Pirate Ships! If that was all I knew about this Movie that would be enough. This is a Disney Movie that came out in 2002. It’s basically the Story of Treasure Island place in a Steampunk, space pirates, swashbuckling futuristic world where they are still in old time clothes. It’s got its clichés. Jim Hawkins the main character kinda reminds me of the Aladdin type the loveable lawbreaker screw-up street rat with no future. With one difference. Jim’s parents aren’t dead. His mother is very much in his life, and his father just left. Yeah, he just left. Disney is known for Patricide. They either kill the parent off or just don’t put them in. To have a Character’s dad leave one day just cause it wasn’t working out is legit awesome and makes Jim’s character a bit more relatable and realistic. Growing up in a single-parent home myself the whole absentee father thing really spoke to me. It makes the relationship between Billy Bones and Jim Hawkins all the more deep and meaningful. I feel like Disney really took it’s time with that relationship, and with the Billy Bone character himself. In the Book, the character is complex and torn between his affection for Jim and his almost addictive lust for gold. That came off pretty well in the Movie. Now I’ll admit there’s a lot happening in the movie, visually and, conceptually. But I mean it’s Steampunk Space Pirates!

1. Lilo And Stich 


Holy crap I love this Movie! It was a basic ‘my pet is a space alien’ kind of story with makeover. First of all let’s talk about the design. The background to this movie is watercolor. Something Disney had not done since like Beauty and the Beast, and it’s gorgeous! Also, kudos for Disney making Nani a character that actually looks like a normal girl with meat on her bones! Lilo and Nani are awesome. I love these girls! If you don’t know the story, it basically goes like this. Nani and Lilo are sisters. Living their happy lives in Hawaii! Sadly their parents die (There’s the Disney we know and love!). Now Nani is trying her best to gain custody of Lilo her little sister. That alone makes for an interesting story. If you look into the bit of back story they give Nani and all she gave up for Lilo you can tell she really loves her sister and is trying super hard to be the adult that Lilo need. Lilo, by the way, is so wonderfully weird, she’s strange and quirky and everything little kids are. From her random love of Elvis to her odd home-made doll, she had jus so much character to her. This is the best sisterly love movie Disney has ever made (Yeah I said it, and I’m not taking it back! Let it Go!) I almost wish the story was just about them! But not going to lie Stich is pretty awesome. The Alien parts are cool and funny and more along the line of your basic Disney cast. Ya know the rascal, the mad scientist, the neurotic, and the bad guy. It’s  kinda like Dinsey combined two separate movies and just intermingled characters. The movie is terribly underrated, it was new, it was heartfelt, funny, beautiful to look at, and even mixes in a good bit  Hawaiian Culture in the visuals. Leave it to Disney to use a blue Alien to teach Kids the value of family.

So that’s my list! Yeah. I know, I know. There are a million more movies out there that could have and should have made the list. But this is what I had time for. If you have anymore let me know!

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