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5 Best and Newest Study Spots On Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

Everybody knows studying in your dorm room is not a good idea. It makes procrastinating too easy.

Don’t believe me? Okay, does this sound familiar to you: You have a huge test on Monday. You know you need to revise a lot of materials. Instead of hitting the books you decide to take a nap. I mean, you can’t study when you are tired, right? You wake up three hours later determined to start studying. Damn, your room is a mess. You clean it up really quick. Two hours, various snap chats and a few new Instagram photos later your room is in pristine condition, but you still haven’t studied.

I have a solution for you. Pack up your books, leave your dorm room and head to one of these places on campus. A change of scenery helps you focus and a determined mind to get stuff done is a powerful tool to conquer those books and notes.

1. Henderson library

The library is the king of study spots on campus. Peace and quiet, plus vast resources surround you. You can buy your daily shot of caffeine from the cafe and return to your books. For quiet places, head to the third and fourth floors, and for group study the third floor is the place to be.


2. Dining commons/Lakeside

If you don’t mind a little background noise, you can also take your books to the cafeterias and study there. This is an especially good plan for those who have an unlimited dining plan. When you get hungry the food is always near you. (And who doesn’t love that?)


3. Campus Starbucks

Chilly background music, the smell of coffee and a lot of people around you. Starbucks is the place to study for someone who can’t function without coffee and the buzzing of campus life around them. Just a quick warning though: Spending too much time at Starbucks might cause your dining dollars to end before the term is finished…


4. The Williams Center

The Williams Center houses the Office of Student Activities, but you can also find computers and sofas there. Just sink into a soft cushion and start going over your notes.


5. Sweetheart circle

Even though it is already October, the weather seems to be remaining pretty good. That is why it is not a bad idea to pack a blanket or a hammock with you and head to the heart of the campus. The place offers nature sounds and fresh air to boost your energy and you will be sure to get an A from our next test.

Do you have a secret study spot you would like to share? Tell about it in the comments!

I am Minna, I'm 21 years old and I come from Finland. I will be spending the fall semester of 2015 here in Statesboro and exploring America. I love books, writing, tea, early morning workouts and being creative. In the future I hope to be a journalist in a magazine!
Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.