14 Signs That You're Getting too Old for Bullshit

Growing up can be tough.  One has to learn a lot of lessons and some can be harder than others, but then one day you wake up and start to see life differently.  What happened? You've grown up.  Here are 14 signs that you're well on your way to becoming a productive adult. 

1.       You don’t care about what most people have to say about you.


When you’re younger it seems like everyone’s opinion matters then you get older and realize that if they aren’t putting money in your pockets or supporting you in any type of way, that no, their opinions do NOT matter.

2.       You don’t have time to argue.

Before it may have seemed necessary to plead your case but now you’re just like whatever.  You’ve learned to pick your battles.

3.       You aren’t concerned with popularity.

When you’re younger it’s almost like you want everyone to like you, then you reach an age where you want everyone to get away from you.  This is why you only have like a handful of real friends as opposed to the hundreds of fake ones you’ve had in the past.

4.       You have 1 best friend.

Growing up you had a bunch of best friends.  As you grow older you’ve realized what it takes to really call someone a friend let alone the best one.

5.       You don’t shop in certain stores anymore.

Yeah sure, Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 are great when you’re younger, but as you’ve grown older you’ve learned to invest more in expensive clothes that will last, instead of a bunch of cheap ones that won’t.

6.       You don’t need to be half naked for male attention.

You’ve actually realized that less is not more and that actually being dressed attracts nicer and better men, not scumbags that are just looking to get laid.

7.       You take the time to better yourself.

Whether it’s reading a book or just doing something productive to improve your character, you’ve learned to take the time out for personal enrichment.

8.       You’ve learned to go with the flow.

When you were younger everything was the end of the world.  Now that you’ve "been around the block," you “don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Things will always work themselves out.

9.       You don’t party as much.

Partying is great but it gets old.  You’ve realized hangovers last a week, and you actually can’t function with a headache or smelling like stale liquor (and everyone knows you’re hung-over because you look and smell like a zombie).  You’ve learned to value your home, privacy, and sleep.

10.   You aren’t really concerned with impressing people.

You know who you are and that you are awesome; you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.  You are, “in tune with your star player.”  You’ve realized people are either going to like you or they don’t, and as for the people who don’t, who cares? You probably didn’t like them anyway.

11.   You spend differently.

You stopped spending your last on shots and clothing and learned to buy things that you’ll appreciate more.

12.   You’ve become more honest with yourself.

You know that you aren't perfect but then you realized, who is? You're still awesome anyway.

13. You don't have time for drama.

If you’re like me, your phone number block game is STRONG.  I don’t even take the time out to try to work things out anymore.  I will just block you and call it a day and have no remorse.  Don’t let anyone stress you out.  If people are bringing you nothing but negativity, CUT THEM OFF!

14. You've learned to read people better.

You know now that when girls say, "I don't have a lot of girl friends, I like guys more." That they usually have a lot of drama.  You've learned that when men say, "I'm not like the other guys," that means they are indeed like the other guys. You've learned to be weary of people that will tell you all of their business and gossip about others because they'll probably do the same to you.  You've learned to stay away from people that constantly have to self-declare, "This is who they are."  Because if they were indeed that, they would show it.  They wouldn't need to say it a bunch of times. Actions speak louder than words. 

Now, hold on.  Just because you may identify doesn't mean you're a wise owl.  You still have a lot to learn; you just are now better equipped for more life experiences.