10 Things Your Boyfriend Does NOT Care About

10 Things your boyfriend doesn’t care about

As women, we typically go out of our way to attract the opposite sex, but once we’ve reeled them in there are certain things men just don’t care about.  Don’t overwork yourself trying to catch a fish that you already have, take that time and apply it to your love life.   So here are 10 things your boyfriend doesn’t care about.

1.       Your stretch marks.

Katt Williams had this one right, men do not care.  To men your stretch marks came from 2 places; “Either you [were] big and got small or you [were] small and got big.”  Either way, stretch marks are not going to deter him.

2.       Your hair

You may spend hours wanding or straightening your hair every day but if you decide to not put all that effort into your hair they don’t care.  Unless you’re going out some place nice no one cares.

3.       Your make-up

Your boyfriend is never going to compliment you on the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow you put on and tell you what a nice job you did on your contour.  If he does, he’s probably gay.   Actually, a lot of guys prefer you don’t wear all that make-up. 

4.       Whether you shaved or not


As long as your body hair isn’t excessive most guys don’t care.  You don’t have to keep mowing the lawn 24/7 to keep them around.

5.       Your shoes

Your boyfriend is never going to tell you how lovely your BCBG stilettos are or how fabulous your Jimmy Choo sling backs are.  To them, all shoes are the same; if it works with the outfit it works for them.  The only exceptions are novelty footwear; he may compliment the exact type that they are or the brand.  The same goes for purses, clothes, hats, etc.  He may say “That’s a nice Louis,” but he will not know which monogrammed satchel or tote it is (Unless he bought it, even still probably not.  He will know the price though).

6.       That girl you can’t stand

Girl, give it up he isn’t listening to you talk about your fake friends.  He’s just going to agree with you and keep it moving.  Save the drama for your friends that have vaginas, diary, or your gay bestie.

7.       Your ex- boyfriend

Are you dating him or your ex?  The only time he will care is if your ex is crazy and is actively trying to cross the line other than that no, he doesn’t care.

8.       Your period

A good boyfriend will buy the tampons and pads, make you some tea, rub your back, and run you a bath but he doesn’t care about how the flow is going unless you're dating an OBGYN.  Most guys aren’t trying to have sex at that time anyway, so they really doesn’t care for you to share any of the details past cramping.  Things most men know about periods: we aren't pregnant, we're mean, we bleed, and to them it's gross.  They don't want or need to know anything else.

9.       Whether your underwear match

Nope, they don’t care.  He’s not going to throw you out because your bra is pink and your panties are teal with yellow bicycles on ‘em.  Sorry, it’s just not going to happen. 

10.  Your nails

Never in the History of Womanhood, has a straight man ever come up to us after we got our nails done and said, "Those are nice stiletto, French, or oval tips with gems, gel, and coral nail polish." No, not ever! Unless he works as a nail tech he does not know about nails.  The only time they care is if your feet look raggedy or if your hands are dirty.  But if you don't have corns, nasty nails, and fungus they do not care about nails.  The most they will say is that your nails look nice. That is all. 

When in doubt, just trust Drake.  You may not be able to get away with being relaxed all of the time but you don't to be glamorous all day every day.