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10 Things To Love & Hate About The Hot/Cold Weather in Statesboro

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Georgia Southern chapter.

The weather since the beginning of this semester has been up and down. You can’t tell what season is it if you were to just sit on a bench near the pedestrian because everyone is wearing a little bit of every thing from every season. Here’s some things to love and hate about the wishy washy weather here in Statesboro, Ga! 


You can go through all of your favorite outfits for either season in a week.


The weather may match your mood for each day.


There’s a reason for you to have your toes done.

Flex your gains that you’ve been working on all winter.

You get a feeling of how hot it’s going to be this summer.


Get used to one temp, let’s say it’s hot. Then, Voila! Hell freezes over.

Don’t take your winter clothes home, you’ll need them again. 

It’s aggravating if you’re not from Southern GA.


Going out for the night is a hassle.

Inside the party: 

Outside the party: 

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Jordan Wheeler

Georgia Southern '22

Jordan Wheeler is a Junior Pre-Law Philosophy major who attends Georgia Southern. Jordan loves writing, singing, and hanging out with friends.