You Know You Go To Georgetown When...Style Edtion

  1. When Sperrys are the go-to shoe on campus.

  2. When finding your Longchamp in a sea of them is really difficult.

  3. When rainy days mean either Bean Boots or Hunters.

  4. When you mark the first real day of fall by seeing Barbour coats all over campus.

  5. When there are monograms. On everything.

  6. When the choice between leggings and jeans is obviously leggings.

  7. When work out clothes are rarely actually for Yates.

  8. When you’re blinded by the brightness of some guys’ outfits.

  9. When you’re jealous of athletes because it’s appropriate for them to wear sweats all day.

  10. When Vineyard Vines is a way of life.

  11. When people randomly wear other colleges’ apparel.

  12. When October through March means riding boot season.

  13. When people have a “Who Can Wear the Ugliest Patagonia Fleece” contest

  14. When you can recognize interns or MSB-ers by their business attire.

  15. When you rarely wear heels. Unless you want to faceplant.

  16. When you take any chance to show your Hoya pride.