Yatpang Cheung

Name: Yatpang (YP) Cheung

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science and Economics with a Minor in Business

Campus Involvement: Hoya Hacks, Breakdancing, Comp Sci TA (for 3 different classes)

Describe yourself

Preppy on the outside, nerdy on the inside. 100% Loveable, like a teddy bear.

[Editor’s Note: like a puppy.]

Why did you choose Georgetown?

Originally I wanted to study finance and the MSB had one of the best finance programs.

You are no longer in the MSB, why did you switch out?

MSB was too easy. Joking. I feel like the world is evolving and technology is really changing the world and how we look at and approach things. Something like that. But I am still interested in business and technology and I want to bring them together.

What is your favorite thing about Georgetown?

Not Leos. [Editor’s Note: Hoya Hacks. Duh.]

Plans for this Summer?

Last summer I did a really technical role as a data scientist. This summer I will be joining J.P. Morgan to pursue my interests in the Markets.

Ideal first date?

Meet up to go ice skating [Editor’s Note: indoor ice skating] and then go to a really nice dinner and then go to the beach to cuddle and to look at the nighttime skies.

Actually… American Ninja Warriors course followed by junk food and then talking about life while staring at the night sky.

Ideal woman?

I want to say pretty but people may think I am shallow. So I am going to go with ambitious and caring. And loyal. Always got to be loyal these days.

Something People Don’t Know About You:

I spent half of my life living in a tiny village in the countryside of China, petting sheep and fetching water from our village well.

Best Pick Up Line:

You’ve got something in your eye. It’s a sparkle.

You look like my next girlfriend.

[Editor’s Note: The interviewer and a couple of her friends shot down every one of his lines.]

Guilty Pleasure:

Pretending I have hidden super powers, yet to be revealed to the world.

What is on your bucket list?

Buy Goldman Sachs

Buy Morgan Stanley

What do you do for fun?

Sleep. Study. Laundry. SSL, the new GTL

What is your favorite thing to do in DC?

Work on my startup in Lau. If you want to meet me just hit me up. ;)