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#ThatAwkwardMoment When Your Whole Weekend is Awkward

Here are 28 100% true facts about my weekend:

  1. I acquired a flannel.

  2. I was almost punched by my roommate.

  3. She told me she, and I quote, “didn’t want to get with me”.

  4. I chased my roommate down the street.

  5. She was chasing someone else.

  6. I tried to go to Rhino, an hour after closing.

  7. I got carried home (while dressed as a rapper).

  8. I ran around the dorm trying to find a basketball jersey.

  9. I ate every single food offered in Leos at 10 a.m. (Yes, I’m talking about Stir Fry)

  10. Someone introduced me to a game called “The Button Game”.

  11. I played the button game.

  12. It didn’t go well.

  13. I spent a large amount of time on the dance floor “pin dropping”.

  14. I went to Good Stuff Eatery with nine people. We ate 13 burgers.

  15. We invited 77 people to our very small apartment.....

  16. I woke my roommate up at 3 a.m. to eat macaroni and cheese with me...she had practice 3 hours later.

  17. My roommate blatantly told someone to kiss me.

  18. I found jeans in my shower.

  19. And a wallet.

  20. I have not seen my bed in three days...

  21. ...because the couch seemed more comfortable

  22. I woke up to two girls, who I have never met before, and made them help me push the living room furniture together.

  23. The fire alarm went off at 8 am.

  24. There is a bike in my hallway and my floormates came back from a nightout and almost run me over.

  25. My roommate kept telling me that I was a terrible friend, then proceeded to ask for my help.

  26. There is a walking cane in my apartment.

  27. I ate an entire pizza and the biggest bowl of popcorn... after the #15 incident.

  28. I won “Roommate of the Week”.

Here’s to hoping Halloween can top this weekend. We all know dressing up makes all things a little more awkward! :)

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