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#ThatAwkwardMoment When Your Roommate Leaves You

We have all had a weekend when your roommate has left campus. Maybe she went home to see her family or to some other school (that is clearly not as awesome as Georgetown) to go see a friend. While her weekend may be great, your weekend ends up feeling a little out of whack. Here is a list of all the awkward things that you do when your roommate is gone:

1. You throw the door open with a great story only to remember that she is not sitting on her bed where she should be…. Who am I going to tell now!? The story will not be nearly as good in an hour.

2. You wake up and sit up to see if your roommate is awake. Then you feel awkward because you remember that she is sleeping in another bed far away from you.

3. You feel the need to clean. This is awkward because you realize you are turning into your mother. The same way your mom cleans your room before you come home for break, you feel the need to clean for your roommate’s arrival come Sunday night.

** Note that this only counts for neat freaks. I came back once and my room looked like a bomb went off in it.

4. You get incredibly bored while you are getting ready. It takes me an hour to straighten my hair and I get so bored I start texting my girlfriends to come over and get ready with me. Then they say no because they are getting ready too. Then I start texting my guy friends to come watch me straighten my hair and then they feel awkward and say no…..

5. Instead of feeling very content laying in your bed for 3 hours on Saturday morning, you feel lazy. Usually, my roommate and I are chatting and catching up after a crazy week, but now I am doing nothing… so I should probably get up… or just do nothing and feel guilty….

6. You do not have anyone to convince you that you do not need to go to the gym. Now I have to go! No one is saying that I am being an overachiever and to get back in bed. Now I am talking to myself. Someone help. So awkward.

7. People ask you where your other half is. This is so awkward because I can never decide if I should fake it and act like I don’t have another half because I am a strong independant woman or just say where she is and accept that I totally need my roommate because I am completely lost without her.

Hopefully, you can avoid these 7 awkward experiences and plan to go away on the same weekend! BFFL #roomielove #roomiesforlyfe

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