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#ThatAwkwardMoment When Everyone Asks You Questions at Thanksgiving

If you were lucky enough to be surrounded by your family and friends this Thanksgiving, you were also probably subjected to the multitude of questions that all your family members love to ask. As a tribute to the day of dodging questions, here are some of the most awkward and least fun to answer:

Aunt: “How is school!?”

You: “Good! … Like really good! I love it!”

You in Your Head: “Its actually the best place I have ever been to/ the best place that exists on mother earth, except for the part where I want to cry while I do my homework and fail tests… but I still love it… how do I tell Aunt Susie this?.... I’ll go with good.”

Grandma: “Have you met any nice boys?”

You: “Oh I have met plenty Grandma, just none good enough for me yet!”

You in Your Head: “You know I have met so many super, fantastic boys who actually flock to my door to date me that I cannot choose! I literally attend a girl’s paradise and all college boys are just dying to get into a relationship that is serious enough to tell you about Grandma! I am so happy you asked because I love thinking about how many nice boys want to date me.”

Uncle: “Do you know Johnny Johnson? He is my daughter’s best friend’s third cousin and he goes to Georgetown!”

You: “You know I have definitely heard the name!”

You in Your Head: “Do I know this one random guy in a school of around 1,300 students per grade…. NO. If I did know him, it makes more sense that I knew him, than you Uncle Bob! What kind of connection is that. Plus, if I knew him and he had any significant relation to you, we probably would have put it together by now -___-.”

Older Cousin: “Any decisions about a major yet? OR “Any idea what kind of job you want yet?”

You: “You know I have a few ideas, but I haven’t made any decisions yet!”


And there you have it folks, the four most awkward Thanksgiving questions. Hopefully, you now get to avoid these questions on Christmas break. Unless you are seeing the other side of the family. In that case, may Santa help your awkward soul.

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