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Texting 101

Nowadays everyone has a phone, whether it is a Blackberry, iPhone, or those out-of-date flip phones (you poor souls). Communication is so simple. You’re free to say whatever you want because you’re hidden behind a 2×4 inch screen. You no longer have to be nervous about hearing someone’s voice or coming up with answers on the spot, because guess what? Texting is here! It saves you from having to reply to creepers by using the good ole “my phone died” line (don’t lie to yourself — you know you’ve done this at least once!), and it helps you invite all your friends to the biggest party or give the latest gossip through the touch of a button. Chaawaazzz (iPhone noise), the message is gone, out of your hands, forever! Yet, there’s one huge downside to texting… (drumroll please)… it is difficult to gauge a boy’s attitude through texts.

Here’s the deal: texting and forming “relationships” (for lack of a better word) with boys over a cellular device is dangerous territory. Not only do some girls get freaked out and forget how to communicate and flirt when in person, but texting truly exacerbates our insecurities because texts cannot express emotions, like sarcasm or his red-hot passion for you. So here are some common texting signals and how you should interpret them when a boy sends them to you:


The Period:

“That sounds pretty cool but I can’t tonight.”

a.     Typically interpreted: Gosh darnit. He clearly doesn’t want to text me anymore.

b.     Sometimes interpreted: He must be so annoyed with me since he’s clearly angry.

c.      What it really means: Who in their right mind clicks the punctuation keyboard and actually hits the period? NO ONE! He definitely just hit space twice, tried to think of something else to say, couldn’t, and sent the message. Duh.

The Emoji

“Maybe you could bring one to me *emoji*”

a.     Typically interpreted: He wants me.

b.     Sometimes interpreted: He’s gay.

c.     What it really means: He enjoys talking to you and clearly said something that he thinks will put a smile on your face.

The Late Response

Receive a text back 6 hours later…

a.     Typically interpreted: What the heck?! I hate boys! I probably creeped him out and now he hates me and doesn’t want to ever talk again.

b.     Sometimes interpreted: I must have said something that offended him. Should I text again?

c.     What it really means: NOTHING! Like typical boys, he got distracted, is in the shower, or is just busy. It truly doesn’t mean anything more.


If you’ve been texting and he’s replying, you’re golden. Don’t overthink! But if he does the next few things, delete the strand of messages and back away. He’s not worth the stress.

1)   1-3 word responses multiple times in a row.

2)   Multiple excuses that clearly don’t make sense — how can one person be that busy?

3)   He never initiates; it’s okay if he doesn’t send the first text, but if he never keeps the conversation going or asks you questions, say sayonara.


Text wisely and don’t freak out. Boys honestly don’t realize that girls obsess over every little character in their texts.

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