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Retail Therapy for Good

After locking ourselves in study dungeons for the past 2 weeks because of finals, we no doubt deserve a reward. The best way to unwind? A little retail therapy, of course! It’s time to leave the library and start wearing real clothes again, but with it being holiday season and all we must recognize how privileged we are and how important it is to give back and help out those less fortunate. Now, there’s a way to indulge our shopping addiction and do good at the same time. A bunch of name brands have started donating a portion of their profits to various charities, so by buying their products we can make sure our money is being put to good use. Check out some of these altruistic companies below!

Warby Parker: For every pair of glasses purchased, another pair is donated to someone in need.

TOMS: For every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is donated to someone in need, and for every pair of glasses purchased, funding is provided to help restore or save the sight of someone in need.

LemLem: All of the items are handmade in Ethiopa, thereby keeping the native weavers in business.

Headbands of Hope: “For every headband purchased, one is given to a girl with cancer, and $1 is donated to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fund life-saving childhood cancer research.”

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