A Local's Take on Easy Must-Do's in DC

Coming to Georgetown after living in Bethesda, MD all my life (my house is fifteen minutes away from campus, twenty if you hit rush hour), I’ve been flaunting my knowledge of the area. While my new classmates gawked at their first view of the monuments, I was focused on grieving the worsening humidity. And so from a local who has grown up visiting the city for its noteworthy offerings, here are five recommendations for fun, easy outings in DC.


Visit the Wharf

It’s a 20 minute Uber or an hour-long metro ride, so the wharf can be a day-trip coming from campus. There is also a water taxi service, which offers beautiful views of DC from the water (https://www.potomacriverboatco.com/water-taxi/wharf/). It’s definitely worth a visit. The Wharf hosts a dock and small harbor, with classy dining options along the water. I recommend a stop at Milk Bar, an ice cream shop a few blocks up from the wharf. Try a new and trending ice cream sandwich and choose your toppings for a cold, creamy treat.


Georgetown Skating Rink

The skating rink is a fifteen-minute walk from campus and sits on the Georgetown Waterfront. It is one of the area’s only outdoor ice skating rinks, and with its decorative lights and several cozy surrounding coffee shops, it is a perfect winter wonderland adventure. It is also a nice place to visit in the warmer months, acting as a large fountain. In both seasons, the view of the Potomac and Kennedy Center can’t be beaten.


Hike on the Potomac

For anyone in need of a break from urban life, a hike on the Potomac is a great and accessible way to get into nature. Take the Capital Crescent Trail, which goes for miles through forests and holds picturesque views of the Potomac. The trail is also great for bike riding, as it is relatively flat and straight.


Go to a Museum

Among DC’s world-renowned monuments, there are several gems in the area’s museums. Many of them are free, and some notable ones are the Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Newseum, and the Smithsonian.


Visit Gravelly Point

One lesser-known treasure near the city is Gravelly Point, a field on the edge of the Potomac. What’s special about it is the airplanes that fly overhead; Gravelly Point is about a hundred yards from Reagan National Airport’s landing strip. This is the perfect place for some heart-pounding close-up pictures with overhead planes, paired with a beautiful view of the Potomac. I recommend bringing a picnic. Also, a portion of the Capital Crescent runs through it, so it is accessible on bike or by walking.