John B. Carroll, aka Jack the Bulldog

Source: Jack the Bulldog Facebook page 

This week's Campus Celebrity article is (in our humble opinion) a very special edition featuring a new student here on campus, Jack the Bulldog. Formally known as John B. Carroll, Jack is a recent addition to the Hilltop and it's an addition us students couldn't be happier about. Being a mascot at Georgetown comes with a lot of duties, and while being a part of the bulldog legacy may seem like a lot to handle for a puppy, Jack wants everyone to know he is more than ready to fulfill his role. Ladies and gentlemen, here is our exclusive one-on-one with this week's Georgetown superstar! 

What is your name? Jack the Bulldog aka John B. Carroll

Where do you live? I live on 36th street with McKenzie. She's pretty cool, she gives me treats and takes care of me!

What do you love about Georgetown? The students are great! I'm still little, and sometimes I get intimidated, but they're all so nice and they play with me. It makes moving a lot easier! I love watching sports, especially basketball, and am so excited for this season. I'm happy I'm a Hoya! (Also, the lawns in front of Healy and Copley are the best... I have so much playtime.)

What's your guilty pleasure? Umm... I really like dog treats, playing with basketballs, and study breaks in Midnight Mug. Bacon too, but I'm not really allowed to eat it. 

What's your favorite movie? Lady and The Tramp. The spaghetti scene is kind of weird, but McKenzie says that might happen to me one day... I also really like Air Bud, since Buddy plays basketball and seems really cool. I want to play basketball one day too! 

What's your favorite song? I have a few! Hound Dog by Elvis Presley, Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men, and Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. They really get me barking. 

How are you feeling about basketball season? I'm a little nervous, but really excited! I can't go to the Verizon Center yet, but I'm training like crazy to be ready. Soon you guys will see me there, so cheer me on! 

What's your biggest fear? Bows being put in my fur, having to wear a Syracuse jersey, not being able to eat the box, and slipping and falling on the Verizon Center court. 

What's on your Georgetown bucket list? Being able to climb the statue of John Carroll and sit on his lap! (may need a little help though...)

Lightning Round:

Bone or treat? Definitely a treat!

Playing catch with a frisbee or tennis ball? Frisbees can be hard to bite, so tennis balls.

Copley or Healy Lawn? Healy is my favorite! There's more sunlight and I can play near the John Carroll statue. 

Homecoming or Georgetown Day? I like Homecoming better, because Georgetown Day means all my friends will be leaving soon and that makes me sad. 

To learn more about Jack, check out his Facebook page