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Holiday Gifts for Your Bestie

Thanksgiving came a week later this year, finals have sped by, eek, and now we have less time to plan holiday gifts for our moms, sisters, and girlfriends.  Here are some of the best girly gift ideas that any girl can appreciate!

1. Candles

All girls love to smell good, and they especially love a good-smelling room. It is always such a treat when your room smells like a misty rainforest or fresh cinnamon, making candles a perfect holiday gift for your girlfriends. Anthroplogie sells some of the best candles at very affordable prices. The one pictured above is the Volupsa Cut Glass Jar that comes in Crane Flower, Baltic Amber, Gogi Berry, Mokara, Santiago Huckleberry, and French Cade (all $26).


2. Picture Frames

Picture Frames are a great gift because people often keep them forever. If you are struggling to personalize a gift, purchasing one of these Jonathan Adler picture frames is a great gift that can be paired with a cute picture of you with your sister or girlfriend!


3. Nail Polish

These days, nail polish is just as much an accessory as a bracelet or necklace. Girls love changing their nail colors to match their outfits or change with the seasons. Essie just released their new winter nail polish line, which could be a great gift for any girl.


4. Life is like a Box of Chocolates!

What girl doesn’t like chocolate? Hopefully none. During the Holiday season, chocolates of all sorts are available everywhere. And no matter how many times girls say, “I am not going to gain weight this holiday season,” they will never hesitate to accept a box of chocolates!

5. Scarf, Scarf, Scarf

Scarves are the ultimate double-wammy accessories—they are fashionable and comfortable. Scarves can be paired with any outfit to dress them up a bit, making them a great holiday gift for any girl.

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