Hitting All The Right Notes: Georgetown Saxatones Jack Moore and Charley Biddle

Attention a cappella groupies! Founded in 2003, Saxatones is a co-ed a cappella group at Georgetown with a dual mission involving singing and service. We sat down with Music Director, Jack Moore (SFS’16) and Social Coordinator Charley Biddle (COL’16), who shared their experiences and vision for building the Saxatones presence on the Georgetown campus. Her Campus loves these two campus cuties... oops, we mean celebs (easy to get confused when it comes to Jack and Charley) and here’s why you should too!

Who are the Saxatones and what makes you different from other a cappella groups on campus?

Charley: The Saxatones are Georgetown’s only service-based a cappella group. What that means is that we’re committed to giving back to the DC community through performance opportunities. For example, events like Relay for Life.

Jack: Our main message is twofold – combining music with giving back to people. We’re a community service a cappella group and the only one on campus like that, that does benefit concerts and hands on community service ourselves.

What type of community service are you involved in? 

Charley: Last year we hosted Saxapalooza, a new creation of ours, with the goal of supporting this really cool charity called Arts on the Block, which supports underprivileged art programs for kids throughout the DC area. Some other events that we did last year, that aren’t necessarily the same year to year, included singing for the Autumn Festival at a Chinese community church, and the national anthem at the Taste of DC food festival. We also performed at Light up the Holidays with Hope, an event put on the by the American Children’s Cancer Society where we sang for the families of children who are affected by some type of cancer at the National Post Office downtown. What’s important to know is that we do all of the regular Georgetown shows that all the other a cappella groups on campus perform in, but with an added component of community service. 

Jack: We’ve also worked with the Best Buddies program on campus. Over the summer, I was a camp counselor for kids with special needs. I would always bring my guitar out and sing for them. They love music, and I think Saxatones are going to increase that partnership with Best Buddies too because we know that kids with special needs really connect with music on a very intense level.

So, you guys are basically like Pitch Perfect?

Jack: When I watched that movie I thought of Georgetown a cappella a lot, but for slightly different reasons. In Pitch Perfect it’s the all-guys and the all-girls group that are at the top and dominate the social scene  - that’s where all the drama and tension is. At Georgetown it’s more with the mixed groups because they pull from the same talent pool. It’s cool because we hang out with the other a cappella groups a lot. The main difference is that there’s really not nearly any tension in the Georgetown a cappella scene. We definitely try to be the best we can be, but I definitely don’t feel any competition between the groups.

Charley: Some of my best friends at Georgetown are Phantoms. I also met a lot of Chimes through the show that I did last year, History Boys. Because I’m in theater, there’s a lot of performing arts crossover between a cappella groups. I got to know a lot of other a cappella people through that before I even knew their a cappella affiliations.