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Freshmen Diaries: Only at Georgetown


I’m slightly embarrassed to say that last weekend I went with my little brother on
a tour of GW. Yes, I’m sorry. But we don’t have as much of a reason to have this
animosity that we do with them. I digress. In any case, our tour guide was talking
about “#onlyatGW” moments, and I was thinking about moments that we have for
which we can say #onlyatgeorgetown.
  • When you pass by Healy and see the President of Argentina walking in. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • You work at the largest student-run non-profit in the world, simply known as the Corp. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • As soon as the election’s over, you run a few blocks…to the White House. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • When “failing” means having gotten a B+. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • When you google the material for one of your classes to find that your professor has written ten books on the subject. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • Politics are a bigger sport than football. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • The golf carts zooming around campus are labeled “Georgetown Jesuits.” #onlyatgeorgetown
  • When you live on the same floor Bill Clinton did his freshman year [holla Harbin 5!] #onlyatgeorgetown
  • You climb at least five hills to get to your next class. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • You work at Saxby’s and have made drinks for Chief Justices. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • You have seen rats doin’ it outside your resident hall. #onlyatgeorgetown
  • When you hear one of your friends speak a language that you don’t even recognize. #onlyatgeorgetown
What are your #onlyatgeorgetown moments?
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