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Corp CEO: Alex Pon COL ’12

Alex Pon COL ‘12

Ever wonder who the brains are behind the largest multi-million dollar student-owned non-profit organization in the world? Meet the President and Chief Executive Officer of Georgetown’s very own Corp; Alex Pon, a senior in the College from Rye, New York.

Along with six other board members, Alex ensures that the operations of the Corp run smoothly. According to Alex this involves overseeing everyday activities, answering a lot of emails, and supplying his opinion here and there for various projects.

Alex applied to the Corp on a whim as a sophomore. At the time he said he had friends in the Corp, but didn’t truly understand the magnitude of the group. He describes himself as “one of the lucky kids who got in on the first try.”

After he was accepted, Alex began his first job working in the IT+Marketing department. What had originally been a fun way to make money became one of his most important commitments on campus.

When asked what his favorite part about being a member of the Corp was Alex said, “I love the people. I’ve become best friends with 240 students that I would have never known had I not joined the Corp. Every day I get to interact with different people, whether it’s when I go grab a coffee, or when people come visit me in our offices.”

Apart from his responsibilities for the Corp, Alex has been very involved during the past few years of his Georgetown experience. He has been on the executive boards for The Voice and Mask and Bauble, designed lights for theatre groups, was M&B’s Technical Director, serves on the Campus Media Advisory Board, and recently joined the SIPS Fund steering committee. As if this wasn’t enough, he has also earned his second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

The Hoya enthusiasm and commitment to participate in a variety of activities on campus is one of the unique aspects that Alex loves most about Georgetown.

“Not only is it an exceptional school, but everyone is involved on campus, and driven to do something, whether it’s sing a cappella, teach children, or run a business. It’s a pretty amazing community to be a part of,” Alex said.
After graduation this spring, Alex has plans to move to New York. He will begin a consulting job there next August.  

So next time your sipping a delicious Metropolitan from Uncommon Grounds or taking a much-needed trip to Vital Vittles, remember the people like Alex who help make this possible!

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