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D.C. can be a very expensive place to live, especially on a college budget. That being said, once the weekend rolls around and my only dining hall option is downstairs Leo’s, I can’t help but find myself going off campus to eat. I’ve compiled a list of some cheaper places to eat in D.C. when you want to try something new or get some variety from the same old options on campus without spending a ton of money.

Tripe B Fresh

Triple B Fresh in Dupont is less than $10 for a BiBimBap bowl and you can choose between the classic or veggies bowls or make your own by picking different vegetables and toppings. Not only is it cheap, but it’s also delicious! It is also easy to get to because you can take a GUTS bus to Dupont for free.

(Image from Domestic Urbanite)

Falafel Inc.

Everyone already knows and loves Falafel Inc but I couldn’t leave it off of the list. Bonus: they help feed refugees, so your money is going towards an incredible cause. The sandwich, fries, and other sides are all $3 and the falafel bowl is $4 so when I say it’s affordable, I mean really affordable; that’s the price of a cup of coffee! It’s located on Potomac St. too, so it’s within walking distance of campus.

(Image from falafelinc.org)

Arepa House 

Arepa House in Adams Morgan is a Venezuelan place specializing in arepas. They are all under $10 and it’s a nice, authentic option. Adams Morgan is a really cool neighborhood that I like to go to and walk around with my friends and there are other stores and places to visit nearby that make the trip worth it since it’s a little less accessible to campus than some of the other options.

(Image from Yelp, by Arepa House DC)

Pica Taco

Pica Taco is right next to Insomnia Cookies on O St which is extremely convenient, but it’s also really good. Last time I went, I got the carnitas bowl which comes with rice, beans, radishes, avocado, and pico de gallo and it was amazing. The ingredients are fresh, it’s inexpensive, and they even have those Mexican sodas with all the fruity flavors (my favorite is guava). Pica Taco is a nice, nearby option for breaking the bubble with minimal effort and cost.

(Image from picataco.com)


Bibibop, which is actually right around the corner from Triple B Fresh in Dupont, is a Korean version of Chipotle. You pick rice, noodles, or salad as your base and then add protein, sauces, vegetables, and other toppings to your bowl which it ranges from $6.49 for a Veggie bowl to $8.49 for a steak bowl and is really filling and really good. I really like how the ingredients like the cucumbers and cabbage are fresh so it’s a healthy yet satisfying option. The sauces are really good too so don’t forget to try some of them with your bowl.

(Image from Yelp, by Auttakorn C.)

I hope this list inspires you to go off campus and try something new because I think that one of the best parts of living in DC is having access to so many different types of cuisine for relatively inexpensive prices since it encourages me to branch out and expose myself to something new.


Madelyn McLaughlin

Georgetown '22

Madelyn is a freshman Human Science major in the NHS from NJ. When she's not rewatching The Office or Grey's Anatomy (again) she will probably be on a vanilla chai latte run.
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