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3 Easy Costumes for the Last-Minute Halloween Shopper

Halloween is upon us and once again you have no idea what you’re being (procrastination doesn’t only apply to schoolwork). Luckily, we’re at an age where just about anything qualifies as a costume; with just a few key pieces, you can pretend you’ve been planning for months. Check out below for 3 easy costume ideas!

The Essentials:

  • Black Slip Dress (Topshop Swingy Silk Slip Dress by Boutique)
  • Black Gloves (Costume Express Elbow Length Nylon Gloves)
  • Black Cape (Costume Express Vampire Cape)
  • Black Heeled Booties (rag & bone Classic Newbury Boots)

Costume 1: Maleficent

Essentials + Black Twisted Maleficent Horns


Costume 2: Audrey Hepburn

Essentials – Cape + Tiara + Pearls

Costume 3: Vampire

Essentials – Gloves + Fangs

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