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15 Freshman Fashions

Georgetown is lucky to be a diverse campus that is home to many of D.C.’s most well-dressed fashionistas. In a recent study, conducted by yours truly, I’ve compiled a list of the fifteen most commonly spotted outfits on the Hilltop.


1.     The “Classic”: I am guilty of doing this on too many days in a row. Leggings, oversized sweater, scarf, vest, and riding boots. Not necessarily put on in that order.


2.     The “I’m Talented and Here’s Proof”: You can always recognize a Georgetown athlete by his/her fancy Nike backpack and comfortable-looking sweats. Oh, and that really cozy jacket in the winter. Can I get one? No? Okay, cool.

3.     The “I Heart Georgetown”: This person is decked out in Hoya gear from head-to-toe but is not an athlete. Instead, he/she has paid good money to represent our beloved school in the famous blue and gray. Money well spent, if you ask me.

4.     The “I’m Put Together and Have My Life Figured Out”: When upperclassmen or overambitious underclassmen have internships on the Hill, they can be seen around campus wearing perfectly pressed suits. They just look like they met with the President to discuss the country’s ten-year plan.

5.     The “I Just Spent 10 Hours in Lau, Don’t Question Me”: Not be confused with “I Have 3 Exams and a Paper,” because this person has actually spent all night in Lau and is wearing the jeans they wore the day before. And bags under the eyes and a look of utter hopelessness are the most common accessories.  

6.     The “I Model on the Side”: Guys and girls wear the latest styles from J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, and Brooks Brothers. In the colder weather, it’s all about layering: Barbour jacket, cashmere sweaters, and gingham. In the warm weather, it’s a game called “How many pastel colors can you get away with without looking like your grandmother?” I am a fan of this game.

7.     The “I’m Outdoorsy and Stuff”: This is not me, but I am an advocate of the look. A Patagonia pullover, a North Face, and L. L. Bean boots are the three main staples. The people who dress like this can probably rock climb with their eyes closed and enjoy strenuous physical outdoor activity.

8.     The “Today Is My Laundry Day”: Basically anything that is semi-clean and doesn’t smell like it was left in a Yates locker for twenty-four hours.

9.     The “Dress Well, Test Well”: Guys wear nice button-downs, loafers, and khakis. Girls wear nice pants or a skirt and blouses and have hair that looks like it could be used for a Pantene commercial.

10. The “I Speak Four Languages and I Know What’s Going On”: I’ve seen a lot of SFS-ers rock this look. They look smart in an effortless way with glasses and a lot of plaid and a cup of coffee. Or five.

11. The “I’m Pledging So I Need to Look Pledge-able”: My roommate has been having these days a lot. She’s pledging to a sorority, and she never fails to look perfect at least ninety percent of the time. Makeup, straightened hair, and clothes that have actually been ironed.

12. The “I Didn’t Work Out But It Kinda Looks Like I Did”: Lululemon leggings, a sweatshirt from some vacation destination, and Nike running sneakers. I am also guilty of doing this on a regular basis. And no, I didn’t actually exercise, stop asking.

13. The “Spring Is in the Air”: Not to be confused with “I Model on the Side”, this look is strictly limited to the warmer weather, when the girls of Georgetown start breaking out their spring clothes for the new season as early as possible. Don’t worry, girls, we’ll be wearing Jack Rogers and Lilly shorts before you know it.

14. The “I Miss High School”: This person constantly reps his or her old high school with nostalgia. Sometimes the fleecy half-zips with the last name embroidered on the back are too comfortable to throw out.

15. And, my all-time favorite, the “I Have 3 Exams and a Paper”: Really, for this, anything goes. If it’s comfortable and made of soft, extra absorbent material to soak up your tears, it probably works.

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