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10 Thoughts You’ve Had While Waiting for Spring Break

1. I can’t believe it’s almost spring break.

2. I should go to Yates more.

3. Or eat better.

4. But I have 3 midterms and a paper.

5. Maybe I should take a nap instead.

6. I’m so pale right now. I can’t wait to be tan.

7. Maybe I should get a spray tan as a “base tan”. But what if it goes wrong?

8. I should probably study.

9. Only a few more days to get through.

10.  I can’t wait until it’s finally break!

2 days to go! Thanks to the HC Survival Kit for helping us prepare for break! Packing my pepper gel as we speak…



Olivia Berman is a freshman from Greenwich, CT. She is in the College and planning to major in Psych and Econ. In high school, she wrote for the school newspaper and a lifestyle blog. Over the summer, she works as a camp counselor. When she's not working, you can find her shopping on M Street, spinning at Soul Cycle, or swimming at Yates.  
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