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Fall 2020 Trends as Seen on the Runway

By: Allison Romano

Throughout the summer, we’ve seen record breaking heat waves make their way across Toronto. Yes, the weather is nice right now, but I’m ready for fall! With autumn collections being released in stores, it’s time to say goodbye to those pastel and tie-dyed patterns and hello to every shade of brown you can think of! As stay-at-home orders begin to lift across the country, we now have an opportunity to don some cute looks coming September.

Here are five trends I’ve seen on the biggest runway shows this season that you may want to check out.






Shades of Brown

So, I know browns for fall aren’t exactly ground-breaking, but they have been on every major runway this season. I love the mixing and matching of all different shades from camel to mahogany. You will definitely be seeing this color in every major shop in September.

The Sculpted Look

Fall 2020 runways were filled with stunning structured silhouettes. Tailored jackets and sharp shoulders were everywhere. Shoulder pads are going to be huge this season. We’re here for it.


The Preppy Look

Taylor Swift might have started a movement when she released her single “Cardigan” last month. She must have been at Paris fashion week and got inspired. Runways were filed with knits of all shapes and sizes adorned with collegiate letters. Such patterns were paired with sheer tights and chic black boots. Sign me up!

Monochromatic Suits

Monochrome was a huge trend this past summer, and it will continue into the fall in the form of a sharp tailored suit. Bonus points if the pants are bell bottom! Nothing turns heads when you walk into a room quite like a Power Ranger in a bright red or blue. You’ll just be known as the one breaking trends — simply iconic. 

Oversized Silhouettes

Big puffy sleeves have also transitioned from summer to fall. I love dramatic sleeves on Victorian style dresses, chunky knit sweaters and jackets. Why? It’s when high fashion meets comfort — synonymous with the style of fall fashion. 

Well, there you have it! The biggest fall fashion trends as seen on runways. And don’t forget the most important accessory this season — a face mask! 

What will you be rocking this fall?

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